Saturday, 27 February 2010

savings are safe

I got to satisfy my sudden hunger for shopping when I went to H&M yesterday but saved money as I found nothing! It's actually just a good thing. I'm not supposed to buy anything now as I'm saving money because I want to go to London again.

And all those dresses I wanted were sold from the online shop too. So what I learned from this: If I see something I want, I should buy it immadiately because tomorrow it could be too late.

Yesterday was nice. I went to see a friend before going to Tampere. And in Tampere, I accidentally bumped into a friend I haven't seen since summer holiday! So I spend some time with her and we did some catch up. Again, listening to how is she doing.. It made me realise how easy and simple my life is. There's no such relationship dramas in my life.

And.. We got a puppy today! I'm going to take more pictures tomorrow in the daylight.


  1. aww the puppy is so cute :D <33

    ^.^just like the way it happenes to me.. I see something.. and think oh next time I'll buy it xD and then there's no next time 'cause it is sold out or so xD

  2. Yeah he's cute :D I'm going to take also pictures where the puppy is with my other dog.. The puppy looks so small next to my collie :'D

    If there's something we really want, we shouldn't think 'oh next time I'll buy it' :D .. But if it's something you maybe want, you could wait for the next time to make sure you want it.. If there's next time. :D

  3. :) I'm sure it'll be nice pictures ^^

    we really have to decide when we see something if we want it xD or if we don't buy it at all xD

  4. I still haven't taken the pics.. I tried one day but he came to try to eat my camera.. Lol. But I'll take pics before he grows :D

    That's true.. But sometimes it's difficult to decide if you want it or not :D

  5. xD lol... ^^ my rats used to lick the camera :P

    so true I need often time to think if or if not to buy that stuff xD

  6. Hahah :DD

    But actually.. If you even have to considet whether or not to buy, maybe you just shouldn't buy it.. If you really want something, you wouldn't think twice :DD

  7. xD well actually I even think twice if I really want something xD weird isn't it? xD..
    perhaps it is because my zodiac sign is libra? xD.. sometimes I really feel that it would be the only reason why I'm that complicated.. when it comes to some decisions xD LoL

  8. Yeah it's weird :D Though sometimes I think twice too even though I really want it.. But I think twice because of money, and there might be something I want even more and I need to save money.. :D
    I don't know about zodiac sigbs, I'm virgo but I don't know if I'm like virgos.. XD

  9. xD... well it was the only thing that came to my mind which made sense to the thinking thing xD LoL

  10. xD yeah sometimes I'm complicated.. even if I want something soo badly.. xD

  11. XD Sometimes we all are a bit complicated I think..

  12. yeah.. maybe it's good that we're sometimes complicated xD

  13. Yeah.. Keeps life interesting :D


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