Monday, 22 February 2010

Nitrokiss @ Klubi on 21th Feb

It's been months since I've been at gigs, and the last time I've seen Nitrokiss was almost an year ago (@ Klubi 22.3.2009)! So it was nice to go to a gig again, after a long break. Even though the gig wasn't so special.. It was just ok.

They mostly played new songs that are still unfamiliar to me. Unlike Jann Wilde's songs, these songs requires more than one time to hear them before they start to sound familiar.

And how dare Petteri not take his shirt off! Or not even that white long sleeved shirt/jacket he was wearing.. That's the idea of going to gigs.. To see HOT rock stars and forget it's still freezing winter here! Hahah..

And he was wearing a PIPO during the whole gig! Ärgh. (What the hell is pipo in english?? Don't know.. Whatever. That thing he has on his head!) Too wintry.. And he looks much better without it..

Here's some pictures I took at the gig.
I took this picture (below) at the gig few years ago (@Tampere-talo 14.9.2007)
It's the only one I have left from there! Because when my computer broke down.. I lost all other pictures.. This one got saved because I had posted it on my irc-galleria blog then. Anyway.. He looks much better when he's wearing less clothes, doesn't he!

Yeah. I had fun!


  1. xD that's true ... less clothes are great with his body :D
    but this hoodie and tha jacket O.o seems like he's freezin though the lights are on xD and actually it's quite hot within the spotlights! O.O

  2. Exactly :( Well, I can just hope that he realises to wear less clothes at the next gig! LOL

  3. xD perhaps he'll wear less clothes the next time xD 'cause he found your blog and noticed he shouldn't be wearing too much clothes xD

  4. Loool... XDD I hope not. XD Well I hope he wears less clothes but I hope he doesn't find my blog and see that I want him wearing less clothes. :'DD

  5. xD why not? would be nice.. when he can notice he should be wearing less clothes xD

  6. Hahah.. XD I think it would be better if he noticed it some other way.. I don't want to be involved XD

  7. LOL xD... but how should he know?.. write an anonymous letter to him :P

  8. Maybe someone else is g oing to let him know about it ? XD Lol I'm not going to write an anonymoys letter.. It would be different if the band was like famous or something.. But it's just a little not famous band from tampere and.. it's not that important XD I'm not even going much to their gigs really :DD

  9. I knew 'em :D and I'm not from tampere ;D
    I even added 'em on myspace I think xD
    ... they're more famous than they think ;D..
    it's really funny I mean ^.^ I've also talked with ppl from germany who knew the Band.. :D

  10. REally?? Wow.. I didn't know people from abroad would know them.. I knew people from at least Germany and Austria know Jann Wilde, as they were touring there with Negative.. But Nitrokiss?? Where have you heard about them? :D

  11. haha I don't know where I first heard of 'em but I knew 'em and there are ppl from germany who know 'em too :D so they're much more famous than you think ;)
    but well xD I even know Silverfuse.. haha ^^ which is really not well known... and yeah xD I really have no clue how I got to know some "unknown" bands like that :P

  12. Cool :D I've never heard of Silverfuse..
    Internet is a good way to find some unknown bands and also when friends recommend bands to you.. It's just nice to listen to 'unknown' bands that not everyone know and listen to :D

  13. Silverfuse is a Band from Finland xD...
    I even have the CD xD... haha... I used to talk with the singer... he's nice :)
    I think I got to know 'em 'cause they wanted to be friends on myspace O.o

  14. Nice :DD Weird, and I didn't know that band though they're from Finland XD

  15. yeah ^^ well I'm sure there are many bands & so on from austria which I don't know ;D


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