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RE: SQ'sW QA Answers Time January

I wanted to make a video response to this video as he (Christian) suggested in the end of it. I tried filming it, but I can't.. I can't stand seeing and hearing myself on the video. I'm very shy person and I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, and speaking english just makes it worse as I'm not good at pronouncing the words in english. I know I should practise, I won't ever learn otherwise.. But talking to the camera isn't my cup of tea.

Well, I'm bored and decided to make a some kind of response here on my blog instead uploading a video on youtube. Writing is something I like to do.. But I write on here so anyone isn't "forced" to read this.

If you were to place an item in a time capsule that would be opened 100 years from now, what item would you choose and why?
-My diaries. It's actually more than just one item, as you can see.. I've been writing diary daily for about 9 years. I never let anyone to read them, I only write them for myself. I write about everything, whatever is on my mind.. Things I don't want or just can't talk to anyone about. But in 100 years, there wouldn't be living anyone who'd know me or know those people I've written about so it wouldn't matter. If the people in 100 years would read my diaries.. They'd get to know me. And I'd be happy to know that I'm not totally forgotten when I'm dead..

Best TV-show?
-I watch TV a lot.. All the TV-shows I watch, they're ok, some are better than others but I don't know what would I call my favourite. I like Sex & The City, Desperate Housewives.. I just started watching Ashes to Ashes too. One great show I watched in summer was Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso. I also love Project Runway. There's been some amazing designers.. My favourites are Christian Siriano (who's actually the reason why I started watching Project Runway, it was before I got interested in fashion or sewing.. But I saw him on TV, he looked fierce and after that I was glued to TV every Thursday when Project Runway was on TV, lol) and Antti Asplund, from finnish Project Runway. What else.. Well, I watch Salatut Elämät. I have no idea why I watch it.. It really isn't good show. But everyone watches it and.. It's just a routine, everyday from Monday to Friday at 19.30, Salatut Elämät. Hahah..

Person I admire most?
-My mum. She's very close to me.. I love her, she's the best mum ever!

Favourite movie?
-Since I was a little girl, my favourite movie has been Braveheart. Even though I haven't watched it in ages, I always say it as my favourite movie. I like watching movies, I've been watching them a lot during the last year.. Party Monster was great! I also liked The Notebook. I mostly like dramas. I like watching something that's based on a true story, or something that could happen in the reality. I'm not huge fan of horror movies, as I haven't watched them a lot.. When I was a kid, I used to like The Shining. I also loved Stephen King's books then.Watching horror movies in the company of someone who's scared.. It's fun though! At last Christmas, we watched When Stranger Calls with my family and it was sooo much fun.. Mum was so scared.. And later my brother wanted to scare him and called her from unknown number and mum was in  panic and couldn't answer the phone!
I haven't seen any SAW movies. But, next weekend I'm going to spend a night at my classmate's, we have a SAW night and there's going to be almost everyone from our class. We're going to watch all 5 SAW movies!
And hey, I almost forgot! Naked Civil Servant. It could be called as one of my favourite movies too.

Who inspires me?
-Boy George. He's the person who's had the biggest influence in my life. It's not just the style, clothes and make up.. But the music and personality.. Just everything! He's absolutely stunning. There's some other amazing guys too who inspire me, like Pete Burns, Marc Almond and Jeffree Star. Without Boy George I wouldn't even had probably heard of those others though! Well, without Jann Wilde & Rose Avenue I probably wouldn't have ever heard of Boy George.. One thing leads to another.. But well, maybe I could make another blog post about that some other day, it might be a too long story for this as it doesn't exactly reply to the question "who inspires me". But yeah,  it's Boy George who inspires me the most.

Moving to London
-I'll move to London in 2012, after graduating. It's been my dream for years. It started when I came back from London in January 2008 and it was time for me to decide what to do in my life, what I want to study.. I was totally lost, I had no idea what I wanted and I made a wrong choise and I wasted one year in a school I knew I wasn't going to stay till the end and well.. It's a long story.. But now I know what I want, I'm studying what I want and I'll move to London in 2 years as it's what I want! I'm just tired of living here, it's so boring here.. I think London is the place where I'd belong.. I'm sure I'll love living there. People are amazing there, and it's so warm too! And the city is so big.. I just love it. Tampere is so boring. And I don't even live in Tampere, I live in some even smaller and more boring city next to it!

Are you single?
Yeah I'm single too. I've been a single for a year now.. But I don't mind. Even though sometimes I'm so lonely.. It would be nice to feel loved.. It could be amazing, if I met the right person but I haven't been so lucky. In my previous relationships there's always been too much jealousy.. And cheating.
And I haven't even seen anyone interesting lately. Well, I have but it seems like I always fall for guys who're gays so I have no chance! Anyway, I don't need a boy-or girlfriend, friends are enough to make me happy!

I know, watching a video would have been much more interesting than reading a blog post.. But I made my best to make this as less boring as possible, by summarising my answers a lot, I could have written at least 10 times longer! I'm actually very proud of myself, as I could control myself and not write so long this time!

It was very interesting to watch Christian's video and hear his replys to those questions and everything.. I love learning more about him, and watching his videos.. He's gorgeous!

Siz, or whoever else is reading this, please check him out! ShivaQueenWorld



  1. wow nice :)
    I just checked his profile at youtube.. :) I'm goin to add him I think ^.^ or at least subscribe =)

    btw.. perhaps I'll answer these questions.. but I'll do it like you ^^ in a written way.. I don't like to see me in movies xD we once had to do a movie for school and it was so bad xD I hated it.. I mean I hated seing me and stuff.. xD

  2. Yeah, add him and subscribe :) I'm sure you'll love watching his videos too.. He's amazing, and so funny :DD He actually has three channels on youtube now, but you'll find the links from his videos =)

    Yaay :) Do it! I wanna read your answers.. ^__^ Writing is so much easier than talking to the camera! When my friend and I were filming those clips for our entry to Shiva Queen's contest, we filmed lots of videos and we were talking in them too.. The videos were afwul.. XD But it doesn't matter, if no one gets to see them.. It might be fun to be watching them in few years XD But no, I couldn't ever make a video of me talking and upload it to youtube.. O_o It's just so strange to see and hear yourself in videos as you also sound so different!

  3. I already did it :)
    and I think I'm goin to do a longer survey :D
    I kinda liked doin' surveys xD... I remember doin' them all the time when I was younger *g*

    yeah I hate hearing myself on video so I don't think I'm goin to upload such vid anytime xD it's just so weird...

  4. Yay :) I like doing surveys too.. I used to do lots of them on irc-galleria blog when I was younger.. But they were jsut short questions with short answers. I like writing longer :D

    Hahah.. No one has posted a video response and replied these questions yet.. :D

  5. surveys are great :) I love those things.. though they make no sense :D

    well perhaps not many ppl like doin video surveys?

  6. Of course they make sense.. They're good time killers and it's nice to do them and think about your thoughts and things you like and dislike and everything. :D

    Yeah.. I think many people don't like seeing and hearing themselves on the videos.. Or they're just lazy! LOL

  7. :) yeah surveys make you think bout yourself :D

    xD okay.. they could be too lazy to xD

  8. Yeah :D It's nice to think about yourself and get to know yourself better.. Haha. :D

    Yeah XD Really everyone seems to be very lazy.. XD

  9. so true xD I love thinkin' bout what I should answer to those questions xD

  10. Me too :D I should do those surveys but I haven't had time lately! :(


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