Sunday, 28 February 2010


Let me introduce you our new puppy, Rölli!

I wasn't so excited about getting a new dog.. Because I didn't want to get a westie, I wanted a rottweiler! As we've always before had a rottweiler. But well.. I have to admit that this little white thing, he's very cute! ♥


  1. awwwwwe so cute! x :D

  2. soo cute that little thingy xD <3

  3. <3 aww :D
    and he surely plays a lot :D

  4. Yes he does.. :D And he also likes eating everything XD Like our hands and shoes and everything.. lol

  5. your shoes? ^^ haha! my cat likes shoes.. but my dog never ever tried to bite into our shoes xD

  6. Sometimes my shoes.. Sometimes others' shoes.. XD He just eats whatever he sees here. Lol..
    I can't imagine cats eating and destroying shoes or anything XD lol..

  7. well my cat doesn't eat the shoes but he keeps opening your shoes and xD destroying the shoelace... without no reason O.o... xD

    oh yeah cats can destroy lots of things xD... or at least hide your pens.. and pencils O.o.... jump onto some cupboard and throw down everything thats upon it... and even climb into your wardrobe and thow out all your clothes xD

  8. Haha.. Maybe you could give him own shoe laces to destroy, maybe he woul leave the shoelaces of your sheos alone? :D

    sounds fun XDD

  9. no he won't he loves to destroy them when the shoe is there xD... it looks funny when he holds the shoe with his paw and bites into that lace xD

  10. yeah ^^
    cats are funny pets ^^... and dogs too ^^ ... living without pet is so boring!

  11. Indeed :) It's nice to go home when there's someone happily waiting for you!

  12. so true ^^ well dogs are more happy (or just more showing I mean) that you came home :D
    haha are your dogs too like that:
    you've been out 2 hours for some reason... and he is so happy to see you again that you could think he hasn't seen you for years xDD


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