Tuesday, 23 February 2010

H&M sale

Blouse 19.95€ (34.95€)
(I'd love it if it was some other colour..)

 Bolero 7.95€ (14.95€)
 A velvet dress 12.95€ (49.95€)

Dress 12.95€ (34.95€)

Skirt 19.95€ (29.95€)
 Dress 14.95€ (49.95€)
Dress 14.95€ (69.95€)

Dress 9.95€ (19.95€)
Dress 12.95€ (19.95€)

Jacket 17.45€ (34.95€)

I want to go shopping!


  1. nice stuff :)
    that purple dress is so lovely :) I'd like to have that too...
    :) see that cool stuff never apeared at H&M in my surrounding xD perhaps in vienna I have more luck finding nice stuff... :D

  2. Very nice... And cheap. I'd like to have all of those! But well.. It's too late. Maybe there will be something else nice soemday. :D
    I went to see Austria's H&M shop online and tehre was all the same stuff as in Finland.. :o But maybe in shops there's some differences but the online shop is the same?
    Yeah maybe in Vienna there's more nice stuff.. It's bigger city than the one where you're living now I suppose? :D

  3. that's true vienna is muuuuch bigger xD *g* the town I live in is only full with cafès and xD food stores... 15min by car and I'm in the next town to look around but it still isn't quite big xD really small town...

    you could sew similar looking clothes ;D then you'd have them quite cheap to exept the fabrics aren't cheap ;D

  4. haha.. XD you'd enjoy living in the bigger city?

    That's true.. Someday I will :) but I don't think I'm talented enough yet.

  5. right now I really can't say if I like it more.. 'cause xD I always go somwhere wrong.. when I think I go somewhere on my own.. and don't take the bus.. lol ^^
    perhaps vienna is too big for me LOL

    I'm sure you're talented enough yet :P

  6. Hahah :DD You'll get used to it.. Maybe. :D But at least you won't get bored, everytime you go to shopping or somewhere, it's a big adventure for you, so exciting to see if you find it or not and how many times you get lost before finding your way back XD

    I'm sure I'm not :D Well maybe something quite simple..

  7. xD yeah... it really is some kind of adveture xD... but really strange xD even if I think I'm right because the map was telling me xD I find out that it seems to be wrong ... ^^ vienna is quite big for someone who isn't used to such a big city xD... but the good thing about vienna is that once you found a undergroundstation or bus.. you get your orientations back ^^ 'cause it's easy to go there and take the bus and find "home" :P

  8. Haha maybe you read the map upside down? XD Cool.. In London it's easy not to get lost because of the underground too.. They're everywhere and tube map is so easy to red, you can't get lost and you find your way wherever you're going :D

  9. :D well I wouldn't get lost if the things I was looking for would be where they should be.. once I was looking for a shop (map told me 5min from my place!) and I went there... and nothin O.o later on I found out the shop closed for ever >.<... so I couldn't find it xD

  10. Hahaha lol :DD Maybe you should check first if the things you're looking for still exists there.. :'))

  11. yeah would be better ... but who thinks that a food store which exists everywhere in austria.. changes the place without any message O.o

  12. Maybe there was some message but you didn't see it? If they had changed the place a long time ago?

  13. don't know xD... however ^^ now I know where to go.. :D

  14. yeah xD I won't get lost thaaat often anymore xD... well at least I didn't get lost anymore since that ^.^

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hahah that's great :) Or is it? Maybe you want to move even bigger city now ? XD

  17. hmm... don't know that city is big enough... xDD still to big for me.. I think don't know O_o
    at least too many ppl around I'm getting used to it but it's still hard to walk a straight line xDD you just can't! ^^ noone takes care if you're trying to walk straight they just run into you... soo... xD perhaps I after my study time won't be able to walk a straight line anymore xDD

  18. Hahahah XD I can imagine you walking after your study time back in Styria or somewhere... no people around but you can't walk straight line XD


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