Thursday, 25 November 2010

blue dramatic make up

It's been a loong time since I've posted any make up looks. I've been too busy (or lazy) ... But last weekend I had a date with my make up boxes and mirror! And this is the look I came up with.

Most of you have already seen these pictures on facebook, and Nea also used these to make a new banner for my blog. Do you like it? She's sooo good.. She's my official banner maker :D

Products used: Illamasqya eyeshadows, Grimas blush and Lyra kajal/eyeliner. If you need details, just ask. 

 Playing with make up and listening to good music = ♥
(in this case, Soft Cell)

It was so difficult to take good pictures, due to the bad lighting. Oh how I hate winter, it's so dark (and freezing!). I miss the daylight.

I'm sure there'll be lots of new make up looks coming in the near future. As some of you might know, I've shaved off all my eyebrows! So I have lots of space in my face now.. I can do anything!


  1. Oh wow.
    not sure what else i can say - stunning :)

  2. Oh wow excellent blending! I was wondering if you shaved your brows or if you were a master of coverup! Also you rock the black lippie ;)

  3. Ooooh la la. I can never manage to do looks like this, reason is that I'm not as talented as you! xx

  4. OMG! this make up is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  5. Sweet Jesus, you're awesome!

  6. I love the makeup! Gorgeous <3 Hihii and it's a pleasure to be your official banner maker. You said you have only two good pics, you little liar! That one where you're smiling (well, even a little smile!) is so sweet <3

  7. I love this look :D
    how can u manage to make ur brows look the same left and right? xD I couldn't do that it was so hard when I had shaved off my brows x)

  8. Jonna,

    That is seriously all kinds of awesome! I can't believe you shaved your eyebrows off! I could never, ever do that. I've gotten mine to a point where I love the shape, and it has taken so, so many years to get there. Lol.

    But once, again, you are so talented. Your skills blow my mind!


  9. This reminds me about the times when I was a kid and I was the only one wearing black lipstick to school at the age of 13. I want to wear it again sometimes <3 Love the way it looks on you.


  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blue eye make up so much!!!


  11. Oh wow, I LOVE your blue makeup, it looks amazing!!

  12. This is fabulous! It is like art work!


    Blue is DEFINITELY your color, my friend!

    Best wishes,


  13. Wow, wow and yet another big WOW! That really shows that make up is a form of art!
    You are properly showing off your talent with this look, love it!

  14. New Banner is awesome!

    Love the makeup too as always.

  15. @R May A: Thanks!

    @Aoife: Thanks! I shaved my brows... I'm really NOT a master of covering my eyebrows, I've tried that but don't have proper products for that so... not so pretty. :D

    @DesignerSpray: Aww thanks! I'm sure you could do something similar... Just try!! :D

    @Marta: Thanks!!

    @Glytten: Thanks!

    @Robyn: Thank youu!!

    @Nea: Thanks ♥ I'm so glad to have you as my official banner maker... I'd be lost without you XD I've made one banner in my life... using paint. That was ART. ;) Hah ! I asn't lying... I always can find something wrong in my pics :D If you mean that smile picture... It's not sharp enough so I didn't like and I don't like how it cuts my head XD But thanks ! ♥

    @Siz: Thank you! :D It's been surprisingly easy to create similar eyebrows to right and left side... :o

    @Bec: Thank you!! :) Yeah I like the shape of your eyebrows! Mine wasn't perfect and I always had to fill them anyway so... I thought whatever, it's the same either I fill them everyday or draw them like I want everyday :D I haven't regretted it at all .. And one day if I decide to want them back, they'll grow FAST!

    @Nancy: Thanks!! Ooh, 13 years old and wearing black lipstick! I guess you had a cool style already then !

    @Jemina: Thank youu so much!

    @ryan: Thank you!!

    @Zabrinah: Thank you!! I've just recently started to like blue and now I wear often blue make up looks .. :)

    @Pili: THANKS! ♥

    @Glowing Doll: Thank youu!!

    @Princess Feef: Thanks !


  16. Stunning! You do dramatic so damn well! And I knew you'd shaved your eyebrows, but it just didn't even click for me until I read it in your post, and then I had to take another look, all, "...For real? Those are some sweet drawn-on brows!"

  17. STUNNING. Reminds me of winter blues in a good way!!
    Now following your blog pls check out mine

  18. wow! and i am struggling with the basics on eye makeup. i would never be able to accomplish something like this.

    follow me on twitter:

  19. @kathyeffinjacobs: Thank you!! I love dramatic make up loks. I don't miss my real eyebrows at all, I love the fact that I can draw any kind of eyebrows I want!

    @Tinuke: THANK YOU! I'll check your blog out soon.

    @simplychick: Thanks! Just practise.... And you'll be able to do anything!


  20. :D yay so you're goin to keep shaved off brows coz u like it ;) ^^

  21. This was really interesting. I loved reading it

  22. I love your banner! And what a stunning look! I'm jealous both at your make-up skills and dress making skills, that bolero is fantastic, and suits you so well :) wooow you shaved off your eyebrows? brave girl... i've been thinking of the same actually but i've just been scared to actually do it, it's still just on a thought-level... :D

  23. @Siz: Definitely! Though at the moment I'm growing them back.. XD I just want to test how long it takes! I've let them grow for a week now, a bit more and then I'll shave them off again. :D

    @Anonymous: Thank you !

    @Tinja: Thank you!! :) Don't be jealous, you're talented as well, and you're also studying make up!! :D Yeah I shaved off my eyebrows.. And don't regret it at all! I've been thinking about it for soooo long.. Now I finally dared to do it! :)


  24. О! Je viens d'ajouter votre page web à mes favoris. J'aime lire vos messages. Merci!

  25. @Anonymous: Sorry, I don't understand ..


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