Tuesday, 6 September 2011

update #3

Heyy everyone ! I'm here again, letting you guys know that I'm still alive, even though I've been absent lately!

There's been a lot going on lately ... School, friends etc. I've been super busy, and tired .. And I also have to take a little (or actually quite long break from blogging now!)  I'm going to London on Friday, and staying there for 4 months!! I'm doing my practical training there, I'll work in Minna Hepburn's studio!

I don't have a laptop or anything while I'm in London, so I won't be able to blog from there ... (and, I suppose there's going to be soooo many things to blog about when I come back in January, so don't know if I can get anything done then either, hahh)

So, here's few random pics and info of some things that've happened lately.

My friend Dille moved to Tampere to study, and I've seen him few times! It's so funny, he used to live about 800 km from me, he was my furthest friend from Finland.. And now he's the closest! Doesn't he look amazing with my pink net top and black nipple tapes! ;)

I wanted to go ice cream shopping.. And my brother took me on a motorcycle ride! It was my second time on motorcycle, and so scary...

My brother's fiance and Tommi baked me a cake while I was on a motorcycle ride with my brother!! Hehh.. They didn' use any recipe, they just made it .. There was meant to be a frosting too, but they were too impatient to wait until it has cooled enough, so the frosting melted ...   
The cake was delicious (even though it might not look like so), especially with ice cream! My mum is also going to bake me a real birthday/farewell cake on Thurday!
There was some anime convention in Tampere where Tommi went. He played Squalo, and the leather jacket he's wearing - it's made by me! :D Doesn't he look stunning ♥
Yeah, I also had my 19th birthday on Monday. Nothing special happened, I didn't have a party or anything .. Went to a bar with my dad on Sunday though, it was nice! Many free drinks.. And this one also had a sparkler in it! Didn't realise to take a picture of it while it was burning though ..
I also got a new haircut! Now my both sides are short! This is the side that used to be long! Yeah, that happens when I start to think about growing long hair again.. It just gets shorter!
And here's today's outfit. The leather skirt is made by me! Check out my lookbook!
I've also created a lookbook account, check it out! I love that site, so many amazing, inspiring stylish people there!

 If you miss me while I'm in London, you can message me on facebook or email me! ( ) I might log in occasionally! And if you live in London, we could also meet up!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Such a loong time since I've been an active blogger! I thought that when the summer holiday begins and I can't use my very good sewing machine at school anymore, I'd have lots of time for make up experiments and blogging again - just like last summer .. But there's been so much else going on and .. I've decided not to post so much personal stuff here anymore - well, I've never posted anything really personal but I mean I'd rather focus on posting about make up, clothes and inspirations than about friends, events etc.

So. Here's few garments I've sewed lately.

This vest is made of some old huge jacket I got from someone. At first I made also sleeves, but I didn't like them so much and cut them off. I'm wearing an old skirt of mine as a dress.

This dress is made of my grandma's old long black skirt. I turned it upside down (the waist is now the hem), I opened the sides and created the sleeves. I made the neckline out of the skirt's slit and added those purple pieces to bring it some colour. This dress kinf od reminds me of  Donald Duck's shirt, hahah.

This blue dress is also made of my grandma's old skirt. I didn't have anything nice and comfortable to wear at my friend's birthday/housewarming party, so at night before I was going there, I sewed this. The first blue garment I've ever worn! And I really like it. I added the belt to add some shape to it - even though I love oversized, comfortable clothes - I don't want  to look like I'm wearing a sack.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Taru Kissojen Rouvasta @Yo-talo 2011

Amazing drag-theatre show that Siz and I went to see last week!

Linnea Von Kattendam and her sisters!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

update #2

Heey everyone! 

Sorry I haven't posted anything / commented on your blogs / replied to comments here lately ! I've been busy with friends and everything and haven't had much time for blogging..

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, and haven't forgotten you! ;D 

Going to start catching up soon! x

Saturday, 16 July 2011

JVG and popsicles

My friend Tommi from Turku came to visit me in Nokia for a couple nights! I had a great time with him, he's such a nice and fun guy to be around!

At first he sewed my snake's mouth closed. I think it looks much better that way, but I've been to lazy or something to do it before. It's been like forever since Tommi's been sewing anything so... it was quite fun to watch.

As we're almost the same size, my clothes fit him quite well and he was trying some of them on...
It was soooo much fun.

 I LOVE this look with my pink fishnet shirt and grey skirt. ♥

Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Ohhh, how many times I heard that....

Jare & VilleGalle gig @Tivoli! They're finnish hip hop band ... Mostly rapping about sports. We went to their gig, just for fun as neither of us really likes that kind of music. But it was great!

We also ate one packet of popsicles, visited a sex shop, sat in front of a church (unfortunately it was closed so we couldn't go in!), played some relationship game with my brother and his girlfriend (that was interesting as we're not a couple :D) and talked a loooot about sex ..

And stayed up till about 9.30, watching movies! Transamerica, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pinocchio, Titanic ..
Looking forward to Tommi's birthday/housewarming party next month! ^_^

new hair & Tammerfest look

I got a new haircut a while ago. I had thought that I might want to grow my hair long again ... And what do do then;  of course, cut it short! Hahh. It's been about 6 years since my hair was as short as it's now. At first I felt a bit ... naked without my longer hair, but now I'm quite used it. Perfect hair for summer. I always wore ponytails at home, because it's much more comfortable, but now I don't have to because my hair is so short it feels like it's on ponytail all the time.

I wanted to try some bold make up look and different hairdo for Tammerfest, but what a surprise, it was a rainy day so there was no other option for hairdo than wear a hat... And, I was veeery tired so ended up with a simple make up look too.

I wore my black leggins sleeves and the purple dress and little vest that I've made, with those rose lace leggins. The colour of the day was obviosly purple, as I also had a purple hoodie as a jacket and purple scarf..

The Voodoo Nights @ Telakka on 15th July

Tammerfest 2011! 

I was meant to go to see The Saturnettes playing at Viikinsaari earlier but ... well, if gig starts already at 14, it's just far too early, especially if you don't go to bed before 9 in the morning! Hehh.

My friend Siz is in Finland again! I met her at the gig. This time she's going to stay in Finland much longer, so I'm sure there's going to be more blog posts including her too! Last year we went to a picnic in Hämeenlinna, Tammerfest, a gig @Varjobaari, my birthday party in Helsinki ... etc. I'm so happy for her, she loves Finland and now she's making her dreams come true, she's studying finnish language here!

(I hate the red lighting at some gig places.)
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