Friday, 10 September 2010

Jann Wilde, The Voodoo Nights @ Varjobaari on 4th Sept

Last Saturday, there was unplugged Jann Wilde and The Voodoo Nights gig at Varjobaari, and of course Siz and I wanted to go there.

Before the gig we were sitting outside and taking pictures.

At frst played Jann Wilde. Because it was just an acoustic gig, there was only Jann & Robin playing without the rest of the band. Very nice! Heh I wonder if I'll ever get bored of going to their gigs..

Next band was The VooDoo Nights. I was dissappointed, they only played covers.. I didn't even know any of those songs. And their gig was so short too! Whatever, it was just a one gig :)


  1. you guys look awesome - loving ur shoes!

  2. Great pictures. I love your coat. :)SarahD

  3. oh wow u guys are just so cool, love your style =)

  4. You are girls looks rock! Love your outfits!!!

  5. Hey Jonna!

    It's crazy the parcel is taking so long to get to you. They said 8 days! It hasn't been returned to me, so it has to be close by now!


  6. gorgeous style!
    Loving the shoes :)

  7. i love your outfit! & i love your hair even more ;;)


  8. Happy birthday to you!
    Helsinki looks amazing :)


  9. aww it's so sad that I can't go with you to all of Jann's & Ardé's gigs =S would love to... <3

  10. @Angie: Thanks!

    @SarahD: Thanks! :)

    @Amandita: Thanks :)

    @Anastacia: Thanks!!

    @Bec: It's here now!

    @R May A: Thanks!

    @Daiane: Thanks :)

    @Stevia! Thanks!! :) Helsinki really is a nice place!

    @Siz: Yeah it's sad... :/ But if you can do your abroad term next year, then we can go to all gigs together!


  11. yeah :D hopefully I can really do it next year already :) I'm so looking forwards and hoping the best :D

  12. @Siz: When will you find out when can you do it? :) Would be amazing if you could do it already next year! :D x

  13. well :) only thing I need to find out would be how good I'm at learning ^^ and then I need to wait until I can apply for the winter term
    but there is some sort of summer school goin on... so I want to apply for that one too :)


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