Saturday, 25 September 2010

Jann Wilde @ Vastavirtaklubi on 19th Sept

An unplugged gig. Finally I was allowed to go to a gig in Vastavirtaklubi! We had lots of fun, we were talking with some random guy there. He asked what music do we like, I said Boy George and he said "yeah you look like you do!" and after that he called me Boy George. Heh.


  1. Unplugged gigs are always amazing, they have such a different vibe, but an awesome one!

  2. Pili: Yeah, I love unplugged gigs! x

  3. aww wish I could have gone with you :) <33
    ;D maybe we should take Boy George as your new nickname ;D

  4. @Siz: Yeah I wish you were there with me :))) ♥ Lol... Boy George as a nickname.. so funny XD

  5. yeah but why not usin it as nickname? xDD

    ahh I'm so looking forward to come agian to suomi <33 so I can go as many gigs as there are with you (if there is enough money for it xDD)


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