Monday, 27 September 2010

teal cut crease make up

Here's pictures of a make up look I was meant to post ages ago but I had forgotten.

I've often been wearing black, purple or this teal cut crease look lately. By using my black cut crease tutorial you can achieve a cut crease look like this with whatever colour you want.

I haven't really had time to experiment with make up a lot since my holiday ended..  I'll try to find some time to do more make up posts soon though. I haven't forgotten any of your requests, and I'll do them all as soon as I can!


  1. It really looks gorgeous in teal too! I love this look!

  2. That does look really stunning :)

  3. love cut crease and this one is great ;)

  4. so gorgeous! but i still feel lack of confidence to try such make up on myself!

  5. Love the bit of teal there, it looks really cute with the red in your hair!

  6. lovely pictures!
    such a nice colour on you :)
    Olivia x

  7. I love cut creases! looks lovely and I really like the colours you used. XD

  8. I love your makeup!!
    you're very good at it.
    new follower :D

    You can visit me here --->

    xoxo, Angie

  9. i'm loving the green
    it looks fresh!


  10. you have the perfect eyes for cut crease looks!

  11. love your make up doll


  12. oooh i love this one! the color of the eyeshadow is simply perfect!

    come participate in my giveaway if you like! :)

    kisses from

  13. That teal is the sickest eyeshadow colour! I wonder if it would work on me...hmmm...

  14. i love the color...and yoo started psoting outfits too!!!cool...enjoying your style...its very refreshing from the rest i see online...keep 'em coming!!!

    sorry have been travelling and then no access to my blog so havent been able to get online. hope all is well and i miss blogging and reading your blog too. i am trying to get online every chance i get.cheers!!!

  15. @Pili: Thanks!

    @HeidiB: Thanks :)

    @graphology: Thanks! :)

    @liloo: Thanks :)

    @Marta: Thanks! Just try it.. It's so much fun! If you feel lack of confidence, you don't have to go out wearing this kind of look. But at home, you can try anything and have fun!! :)

    @Robyn: Thanks!

    @Olivia: Thanks! :)

    @BLIX: Thanks!

    @Angie: Thank you!! :) Thanks for following too, I'm going to check out your blog too!

    @MyMakeUpMania: Thanks!

    @Stecia: Thanks :) This is so new colour for me.. But I love it!

    @ALMat101: Ah thanks! :D I love vut crease looks!

    @Coily Mystics: Thanks!

    @Daiane: Thanks! I'll check it out :D

    @The Backseat Stylers: Just try it and you'll know! :)

    @Orchid: Thanks!! So happy to hear you like my style :) Yeah, I'll keep them coming. Travelling, that sounds awesome! Enjoy!! :) I haven't had much time for blogging lately either..



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