Friday, 30 April 2010

Pillarpox Red

Today I dyed my hair, with Directions - Pillarbox Red. Really, it's much better than the Crazy Colour - Fire I've used previously.. This is brighter red and also lasts longer, I love it!

Though, I've lately been thinking.. Maybe it would be time to do something different to my hair soon?? I'm going to hairdresser in a month and I don't know if I want to keep the red colour anymore. If I don't want to keep red hair, what do I want then?? I have no idea...

Here's couple pictures of me with blonde hair.. I can't even recognise myself from the pictures even though they're taken last year! Blonde would be the easiest, because the roots wouldn't be a problem because my natural hair colour is almost blonde..

I don't know.. Maybe blonde would be too boring, I've had it for soooo many years already..
Ärghh, I wish my natural hair colour would be dark, just like most of my family member's hair are.. Then I could have dark hair without worrying about the roots..

Unfortunately (or luckily) I don't have pictures of me with black, orange or brown hair to show you..
But.. What would you suggest? Should I stay with red & black or start my journey to become a blonde again? Or something else?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

peacock make-up

I've lately fell in love with peacocks. I just adore peacock feathers.. They're sooo beautiful!

Today I wanted to try to recreate a peacock inspired make-up look. 

(left picture: Geoffrey Paris)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

zebra shirt dress

This is the latest thing I've made at school. I managed to make it just like I wanted it to be like! Though I wasn't sure what kind of fabric I want to use, (too much variety), I'm happy I ended up with zebra fabric.. I love that print!

glitter bolero

I was looking for some large shirt to wear at home, like my dad's old or something, but found this bolero. This one is actually my old, I wore it like 10 years ago with a glitter dress at the end of the school year or something.. I had forgotten it's existence already.. But even though the size is far too small for me, I tried it on.. And it doesn't look that bad! I prefer 3/4 sleeves anyway.. So from now on, it's back in my wardrope again, after a loooong time!

Monday, 12 April 2010


20.-27.10.2010 ! :D

second hand finds

These are my last weekend's finds.. They all together cost only 16.5€! I love second hand shops.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

hair straightening

I hate my curly hair... I wish my hair was as straight as it used to be when I was younger! What happened to my hair, what made it to become so curly??

This is how my hair looks like after shower and after a walk in the rain if I don't straighten it..

Straightening my hair.. It's one of my favourite things to do! I couldn't even imagine life without my (sister's) hair straightener!

Well,  before we bought a hair straightener, I used to "glue" my bangs to my forehead with lots of mousse and force it to dry straight.. When it dried, it was so hard but after brushing it well, it was straight (and not so hard anymore)! To other parts of my hair I put lots of mousse too, and brushed it till it dried straight too..
Yeah, how much easier it is to use hair straightener! Don't even have to use so much mousse and my hair feels much cleaner too!

goodbye winter!

It's not cold anymore.. There's no much snow left.. There's been no need to wear a winter jacket for the last few weeks.. And today, it was too hot for wearing even my (fake) leather jacket! Yaay.. It's summer soon and I'm so excited!!

Friday, 9 April 2010

make-up pencils

My mum was sorting her drawers and found some of her make up products.. She was going to throw them away but I wanted to save them. Some of these colours are colours that I probably wouldn't have thought about buying for myself as I don't need them really, I like buying only stuff I know I'll need because I'm trying to save money for something and don't want to buy anything in vain. And because I still want to do different make up experiments, I need different colours.. So it was good to get some for free!

I just wonder.. What had she done with these pencils?? She doesn't even wear make up at all.. Unless she's going out with my dad sometimes.. But still, these colours??


Sex And The City 2


Can't wait to see these movies in June!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Lady Gaga - Telephone make up

While waiting for Shiva Queen's Lady Gaga Telephone make up tutorial, I wanted to recreate those make up looks by myself. I didn't even know that recreating make up looks from pictures would be that much fun! I'm so going to do it more often..

I'd have looked more Gagaish if I still had blonde hair though. Haha..

I kind of like the song and the video, Telephone.. I haven't liked any female singers before, usually they all sounds so the same and boring.. But Lady Gaga is kind of good though..

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