Friday, 9 April 2010

make-up pencils

My mum was sorting her drawers and found some of her make up products.. She was going to throw them away but I wanted to save them. Some of these colours are colours that I probably wouldn't have thought about buying for myself as I don't need them really, I like buying only stuff I know I'll need because I'm trying to save money for something and don't want to buy anything in vain. And because I still want to do different make up experiments, I need different colours.. So it was good to get some for free!

I just wonder.. What had she done with these pencils?? She doesn't even wear make up at all.. Unless she's going out with my dad sometimes.. But still, these colours??


  1. OMG how cool is that :D
    you're so lucky :D and these colors ... so cool ^.^ I only can buy me that stuff 'cause my mum doesn't wear make-up at all and never used to...
    wow ^.^ makes me want to go ount and get me some more pencils.. xD... I don't have that much colors... I only have dark red, green, dark blue, blue, light blue, white and of corse black :D
    but some of them don't work that good -.-'like the green one can't really use it 'cause you don't see it xD...

  2. Very cool! And I got it all for free.. lol. My mum doesn't wear make-up either, well sometimes some mascara and powder and green kajal if she's going out or something but not often... I have no idea what has she done with all these make-up pencils! I wish I'd see some pictures of her or something but there's none.. :(
    You have quite many colours anyway! :) But as it's said.. Never can have too much or enough, lol..
    Why don't they work that good.. If you've bought them , they should work! Why would they sell like green pencils if you can't even see it O_o

  3. yeah ^^ it's cool that you didn't have to spent money on that ^^ so cool :D

    I really have no clue why the pencils don't worke that good but I should throw 'em away.. it just don't make any sense to use them .. because it always looks like I didn't use it O.o so... I won't buy that brand anymore.. and that's all I can do about it somehow O.o

  4. Yeah, so cool ^__^

    True.. Doesn't make sense to use pencils that don't work! What brand is that?? Why do they sell products that don't work >_>

  5. well it's a brand of that store so it's a really cheap one I think it was b:pretty or that essence.. xD I know it when I hold it in hands ;D
    well at least I now only buy the brand LOOK which has really really good pencils :D


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