Saturday, 10 April 2010

goodbye winter!

It's not cold anymore.. There's no much snow left.. There's been no need to wear a winter jacket for the last few weeks.. And today, it was too hot for wearing even my (fake) leather jacket! Yaay.. It's summer soon and I'm so excited!!


  1. :) later on you won't even need your leggins xD

    summer's coming though last the weather ppl said snow is coming back to us here O.o but it doesn't feel like it's coming :)

  2. I will need them even later on... I'd feel too naked without them! I don't like my feet.. (and I like no one else's either, lol) so I don't want to ruin nice look with feet without leggins!

    Did the snow come back there? :o

  3. lol ^^
    well then you have to use them the whole year :D
    (I don't like my legs either!... xD)

  4. xD yeah ^^ snow came back for 1 day :P and now it's warm again ^^

  5. Yeah I use them the whole year.. ^__^ What's wrong with snow, why can't it jsut stay away and let us enjoy the summer ! :D

  6. well snow in winter and sun in summer would be nice xD
    there's that group on Facebook I joined called: when I was young we had 4 season
    it really feels like there aren't 4 anymore O_0


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