Monday, 12 April 2010


20.-27.10.2010 ! :D


  1. wow right after my birthday xD
    already booked? :D nice!
    you're surely over the moon =)

  2. Yay for London! You'll have an awesome time.

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. Siz: When is your birthday? Yeah, already booked! Can't wait.... :D

    Clare: Yeah I'm sure! It's not possible to NOT have an amazing time there! I love London :)


  4. 19.10 xD is my birthday ... so I won't forget the day when you goin to London :D
    really nice so you were able to save enough money for your trip :D so cool!

  5. tää kuva iha ku mulla ois kauheet roikkotissit!

  6. Siz: Great.. And I won't forget your birthday as it's the day before I go to London :D Haha I haven't saved money enough yet.. My friend booked the flights and said I can pay her back when I get money enough.. But my mum said I don't have to, she will pay! It's kind of a birthday present for me then.. :D

    "Anonymous", Lool.. No oo tyytyväine, ainaki on jokku tissit? :'D Oli vaikee valita kuvaa ku oli kiire ja en mitää sellasia paljettinaama kuvia halunnu laittaa ja suurin osa meiän kuvista mitä mulla on, nii on just niitä! Tosin, oisha mulla niitä tender hius kuvia kans mutta.. XD

  7. wow cool :D so your mum pays the flights ^^ ... pretty cool.. haha if you would have known that before xD you wouldn't have had to save that hard ^^... but it's better.. now you can do much more shopping too ^^

  8. Yerah that's very cool that she pays the flights! But, I'll still keep on saving.. Then I'll have more shopping money, or I can to go London again! :D

  9. yeah that's good ^^ and you could go to claires and get those nice make-up brushes ;D ... ^^
    shopping in london is fab!.. specially camden town :D <33


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