Thursday, 22 April 2010

glitter bolero

I was looking for some large shirt to wear at home, like my dad's old or something, but found this bolero. This one is actually my old, I wore it like 10 years ago with a glitter dress at the end of the school year or something.. I had forgotten it's existence already.. But even though the size is far too small for me, I tried it on.. And it doesn't look that bad! I prefer 3/4 sleeves anyway.. So from now on, it's back in my wardrope again, after a loooong time!


  1. wow looks good :D
    3/4 sleeves are really cool :D anyway ^^ so it's perfect ^^

  2. cute:) love the red top!

  3. Siz: Thanks!! :) I love 3/4 sleeves.. Especially now when summer is coming and it's warm :D It was just a surprise that I could still use this bolero.. Seriously, I was wearing it last time when I was a little girl.. :'D But it's nice!

    Tinja: Thank you! I like the top too.. :)

  4. it's nice to fit in old stuff :D even if it changed a little bit ;D for the use... ^^

  5. Definitely :D I love getting something new to my closet.. *No matter if it's kind of old XD But I love clothes :DD

  6. :) yeah it's always nice to get some little "new" thins in there :D

  7. red zebra is definitely gorgeous !


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