Saturday, 10 April 2010

hair straightening

I hate my curly hair... I wish my hair was as straight as it used to be when I was younger! What happened to my hair, what made it to become so curly??

This is how my hair looks like after shower and after a walk in the rain if I don't straighten it..

Straightening my hair.. It's one of my favourite things to do! I couldn't even imagine life without my (sister's) hair straightener!

Well,  before we bought a hair straightener, I used to "glue" my bangs to my forehead with lots of mousse and force it to dry straight.. When it dried, it was so hard but after brushing it well, it was straight (and not so hard anymore)! To other parts of my hair I put lots of mousse too, and brushed it till it dried straight too..
Yeah, how much easier it is to use hair straightener! Don't even have to use so much mousse and my hair feels much cleaner too!


  1. My hair looks pretty much the same... But, now it's all chopped off and it's supposed to be messy :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. my sister xD used to have straight hair too and now has too curly hair...
    it's kinda weird xD I still have straight hair... O.o I don't know why this is happening.. xD if I want my hair to be curly.. it really takes a lot of time xD and patience LOL.. :)

  3. Clare: Maybe I should cut off my hair too.. So it could be just messy.. Or, grow it long, also the bangs so it could be curly without looking so stupid it looks now :D

    Siz: It's really weird! Also my mum used to have straight hair but now it's curly.. Why can't they just stay as straight!!? Lucky you, as you have straight hair.. Unless you'd like to hacve curly :') Surely it takes lots of time and patience to make your hair curly.. You have so long and thick hair :D I'm glad my hair isn't that thick so it's fast to straighten it.. Though, I love straightening it and I could do it for hours if I just had time XD Though it isn't good for hair.. (and my fingers which often get burned too.. lol)

  4. xD well it takes a lot of time.. but my hair seems to not like being curly ^^ ...
    I think I would also burn my fingers all the time when I'd had to straighten my hair ^^

  5. You're lucky :D Wish my hair didn't like being curly either... But somehow it has fallen in love with being curly :(
    Haha so your fingers are lucky too that you don't have to straighten your hair :D

  6. yeah my fingers are so lucky xD 'coz I would always more than once burn my fingers xDD

    sometimes I wish to get curly hair but not even hairspray does let it stay O_o ... could do so nice hairdos but no xDD my hair doesn't want to..

  7. I like your hair style after straightened.Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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