Friday, 30 April 2010

Pillarpox Red

Today I dyed my hair, with Directions - Pillarbox Red. Really, it's much better than the Crazy Colour - Fire I've used previously.. This is brighter red and also lasts longer, I love it!

Though, I've lately been thinking.. Maybe it would be time to do something different to my hair soon?? I'm going to hairdresser in a month and I don't know if I want to keep the red colour anymore. If I don't want to keep red hair, what do I want then?? I have no idea...

Here's couple pictures of me with blonde hair.. I can't even recognise myself from the pictures even though they're taken last year! Blonde would be the easiest, because the roots wouldn't be a problem because my natural hair colour is almost blonde..

I don't know.. Maybe blonde would be too boring, I've had it for soooo many years already..
Ärghh, I wish my natural hair colour would be dark, just like most of my family member's hair are.. Then I could have dark hair without worrying about the roots..

Unfortunately (or luckily) I don't have pictures of me with black, orange or brown hair to show you..
But.. What would you suggest? Should I stay with red & black or start my journey to become a blonde again? Or something else?


  1. You look good as a blonde!

    If you want to experiment more though, how about pink like Tarina Tarantino?

    It's a tough choice because you look nice as a blonde or with red hair.

  2. Blonde looks amazing on you! And I bet you could totally pull off roots :)

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. I love it as red, you really stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

    I just love the idea of wearing a costume for the fun of it! :D Have fun in Tampere dear!

  4. I love blonde & red on you looks fantastic!
    but trying something new would be nice 2 :)
    pink is a nice idea as Glowing Doll said but I would say more like Aurey Kitching :D the cotton candy pink ^^

  5. sry I meant Audrey.. ;) pls excuse my writing mistake ^^

  6. yoo look fab in red...i think it just suits yoo very well. other colors would make yoo look ordinary i suppose.

  7. Thanks everyone!! It was great to hear your opinions :) I think it would be the easiest if I just started wearing wigs.. Then I could have different colour in my hair like everyday, without killing my own hair with hair dye! lol..

    Glowing Doll and Siz, I've thought about pink... Like Jeffree Star! :D But i don't know, I have so many red clothes, I don't know how good they'd look together, pink hair and red clothes.. Just like now I don't like wearing my pink clothes because they don't look so good with my red hair! But, there's many advantages in pink hair when compared to red.. When pink fades, it doesn't turn horrible and ugly like red does.. It becomes light pink which is quite cute! + For example blue eye make up would look better with pink than red hair I think..

    Clare: Thanks! :) I guess I'm not ready to become a blonde yet though, I don't let myself, lol.. I know I'd probably regret it soon and dye my hair again and it doesn't do good to hair when bleaching them often from black or red to blonde.. I don't know, maybe it's just some spring lazyness that made me think about becoming a blonde again, then I wouldn't have to dye my hair so often and it would be soo easy.. Just like I've been lately wearing less make up than usually.. Yeah, it has to be some kind of spring lazyness :D

    Tinja: Yeah, and wearing the costume for the fun of it would make me stand out from the crowd too,hahah :D Thanks hun, I had fun there! :)

    Orchid: Well, I don't want to look so ordinary yet, maybe I'll keep the red for a while.. :)

  8. :) yeah you should keep the red until you're sure what you want to do =)

  9. The red looks absolutely stunning! Take your time to make sure what you want, and in the meantime... red is awesome!

  10. Oh, I just love the red hair colour of yours! If you want something different, but not so radical, I suggest really platinum blonde stripes in bright red hair.

    Dunno if you like it, but I used to have that kind of hair and I miss it. :)
    (Sulle voi varmaan pistää suomeksikin kommenttia?)

  11. Siz & Pili: Probably I'll never be sure what I want :D Too many possibilities.. as always with everything.. But yeah, I'll keep the red..

    Katariina: Kiitos! Noi blondit raidat punasissa hiuksissa kuulostaa kivoilta, eipä tollasta ollu mieleen tullukkaan. Mutta vaikka idea kiva onkin, veikkaisin ettei se mulla niin toimis, kun käytän sellasta värishampoota ja luultavasti sit suihkun jälkeen ne blondit raidat vois olla punertavat tai oranssihtavat.. :/ Jos ikävöit niitä hiuksias niin mikset ihmeessä itte värjää uudestaan niin? :D Joo, voi mulle suomekskin kommentoida. :)

  12. Aa, aivan, se värishampoo ei ole ehkä parhain yhdistelmä blondien raitojen kanssa.
    Suunnitelmissa onkin värjätä sillä tavalla uusiksi, oon vaan laiskimus. :D

  13. Katariina: Hahah :D Yleensä kun mulla on suunnitelmissa tehä jotain uutta hiuksille, kyllä sen sit mahollisimman äkkiä teenkin. Ei jaksa oottaa, jos on mielessä jo et haluis jonkun tietyn hiustyylin niin se pitää sit pian saadakkin kun nykynen tuntuu niin väärältä. Esim yhtenä aamuna vaan yhtäkkiä päätin haluta etuhiukset vaikka vuosiin mulla ei niitä ollukkaan ollut, niin otin sit sakset ja heti sinä aamuna leikkasin etuhiukset :') Ei voinu oottaa et parturiin asti pääsis
    tai mitään!


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