Friday, 9 April 2010


Sex And The City 2


Can't wait to see these movies in June!


  1. twilight too in june?... xD to me it would be better if twilight came in december so I could gift it to my sister xD she loves it...
    but perhaps I'm watchin' it with her in June :D she'd be over the moon if we go together 'cause she doesn't like goin alone... :D

  2. Yeah it coems in June too.. :D You have to find out something else to give your sister as a birthday present :D Do you like Twilight ?

  3. well I'm not really a fan of it but I like it though ^^...
    I promised my sister already to go and watch it :D
    perhaps the DVD is already out in dec. xDD so I can give her the DVD as a present she so loves twilight ^^


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