Friday, 2 April 2010

Lady Gaga - Telephone make up

While waiting for Shiva Queen's Lady Gaga Telephone make up tutorial, I wanted to recreate those make up looks by myself. I didn't even know that recreating make up looks from pictures would be that much fun! I'm so going to do it more often..

I'd have looked more Gagaish if I still had blonde hair though. Haha..

I kind of like the song and the video, Telephone.. I haven't liked any female singers before, usually they all sounds so the same and boring.. But Lady Gaga is kind of good though..


  1. wow :D fantastic work =)
    looks good!! ^^ you really have to do that more often.. I like to see more special make-up of yours :D

  2. You did a killer job with each of these make up looks! :]

  3. Siz: Thanks! I definitely will do that more often... I had so much fun recreating those looks, I just couldn't not make that more often :D I have to start collecting the inspiration pics again.. But I already have lots of pictures of Boy George and some other people on my pc as I were collecting them a long time ago.. So I'm sure I'd find something inspriring from there as well :D

    Theresa: Thanks! :)


    Telephone make up tutorial by Shiva Queen.. ;)

  4. WOW, you did a really good job with the makeup! I thought it was a professional job at first.

    Telephone was such an interesting video and I'm glad you found it so inspiring!

  5. yeah :) you have to.. btw you're really great with that make-up thing :D so talented! ^^ your experiment you made earlier was perfect 2 :)

  6. Great post, I'm succumbing to Gaga at the moment too...

    tweet tweet tweet


  7. Christina: Thanks very much! :) Telephone really was an interesting video.. I didn't understand the storyline, if there even was such but I loved it anyway..

    Siz: I will.. :) Thanks very much! It's so weird to hear things like that.. I've never thought of myself being good with make-up! I've always just been wearing my everyday makeup, sometimes trying something different but haven't ever thought I'm good with it.. I always see so many really talented people who can make such amazing creative make up looks.. I feel like nothing compared to them :D My previous experiment was perfect? Aww thanks! It was just a funny quick experiment before going to bed.. And I only did one eye! lol. Maybe I could continue that experiment someday, to both eyes.. And lips too!

    Clare: Thanks! :)

  8. yeah you could :) perhaps with your new pencils xD ...
    I really think you're talented... :) and I'm sure you can do much more than you think ;)

  9. Yeah :) I think I'm going to do some make-up experiment tomorrow.. I have an idea what to do with those green and blue pencils ^__^ You'll see then.. If it goes how I want or even near it :D
    Thanks.. :D Somehow I can never think I'm good at anything because others are soooo amazing :')

  10. Lovely makeup, so cool and dark!

  11. Thanks Tinja :) I like especially the first one..

  12. but you're so talented with that makeup thing :D so pretty always the things you show on your blog!...
    besides I decided to do some make-up styles inspired by Boy :D I already got me some pix :D
    so quite soon there'll be a nice make-up update on my blog! ^^

  13. Oh wow this is super cool =)

  14. @Siz: Aww thanks! :) And yeah I've seen your Boy George inspired make up and I love it :D

    @Amandita: Thanks!! :)


  15. Interesting for me//

  16. Beautiful post, great ))

  17. Ewww!!! Put on good quality makeup!!!! And practice!

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