Monday, 29 March 2010

no phone

There's been something wrong with my mobile phone.. When someone calls me, it turns itself off and on and I can't answer. So I had to take it for repair today. So, I have to live without my phone for I don't know how long! And what does that mean.. No listening to music outside of my room, no internet enough, no texting at all.. I can't even check what time it is where's no clocks around! How will I manage to live without my phone??

It just makes me much busier online as I can't reply to any messages via phone..  I've been without my phone for only few hours now but there's just so many things to do already, many new videos from my subscriptions to watch on youtube, many message from friends to reply to, and I should also post pictures here of my Lady Gaga - Telephone make up looks I recreated last weekend .. But I've so limited time to be online via pc, as I've said, it's not easy to have only one pc for 6 people.

Well, I'll try to survive... Hopefully they'll fix my phone soon! Though it's not nice to be so dependent of technology.. But I can't help it. It's not my fault almost all my friends live too far so I can't meet them and I have to text and talk in facebook/youtube/twitter or somewhere with them! :D

Btw. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOODO, HARIKAMURU! ♥ Wish I could be there eating cake with you!


  1. oh =/ having no phone is really bad!.. I know that.. I once had to put mine in repair 'cause the speakers didn't work and I couldn't understand ppl calling me O.o
    hope your phone comes back to you soon :D

  2. It really is bad.. Especially when you're used to use your phone like 24/7, for everything, texting, calling, internet, listening to music... Everything. Well, I was few days completely without phone, but then I had to take my sister's old phone. It's kind of broken, it's taped and it's not even near as good as mine.. But it's better than nothing. At least I can text.. Though it's not so easy, I'm already used to touch screen and these butttons are too small and hard XD And well I can see clock and use calculator.. But can't use interner. Well , some sites do work but some don't.. I can check my email and see if I have messages but I can't reply to comments on blogger, I can't reply to comments on youtube.. :( And another thing is missing too.. Music! For some reason, this phone's music player doesn't work with headphones! I have no idea why :( I've been like complaining all the time since I had to take my phone for repair.. Lol. I really hope I get it back soon!

  3. I hope so much for you that you survive those days! :).. and get back your phone soon...
    I know that it is really hard when you're used to it.. =/

  4. I've already survived since Monday! So it's been almost a week... i'm so proud of myself ! No matter that everyone has had to bear my complaining almost all the time XD It really is hard... But I have no options but survive.. :/

  5. so you will survive.. I hope at least only 1 more week (max.) xD... :) well but do you know when you get your phone back?..

  6. Yeah I will survive.. I get my phone back when they've fixed it.. But I have no idea how long it takes O_o Hopefully I'll get it this week..

  7. oh my not knowing when to get it back is horrible ... I hate that xD...
    but I'm crossing my fingers that it won't take that long anymore :D and you'll get it back soon

  8. Yaay today after school I can go and get my phone back!! :D I had to wait 3 weeks O_o But I'm glad I get it back today!

  9. yeah :D glad you got it back :D
    and it workes now.. did you already manage to get along with it?

  10. I'm glad too and I hope I don't ever have to live without it again :')
    Yeah, I'm getting along well with it now.. Though the first days I was sooo stupid and didn't know how to answer, the back-up thing, and then I was just leaving for school and started listening to music from my phone but I thought my headphones are broken because I couldn't hear with my other ear.. Well, I just hadn't put the headphone to my both ears XDD lol

  11. yeah I hope too :D not having a phone is so bad =S

    xDD well that could have been me too LOL ... I'd first blame the phone and then recognize it was my fault ;D


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