Thursday, 25 March 2010

Boy George bag

The first thing I sewed for myself at school was a simple bag. My friend Siz wanted to see it, so here's the picture!


  1. I love it :D
    looks fab!! really!.. =) <3

  2. Thanks! :D It was sooo easy to made. Though chosing a picture was very difficult. XD There was hundreds pictures I'd have wanted.. lol

  3. I love it ^^
    ... you could make more of em and sell 'em xD
    did Boy already see? :D he'd love it!

  4. Haha.. I could make them if someone asked me to do, and pay for me so I can buy fabrics.. But I don't see a point in making many of them and trying to sell if there's no one who wants to buy :DD Then I'd have wasted money in fabrics.. And I don't need many Boy George bags, haha.
    George probably hasn't seen it, I've posted a picture only here and I don't think he's reading my blog.. lol. :DD

  5. you could tell him and show it to him on facebook or so.. :D
    he'd really like it :D I'm sure!!

    yeah ^^ if someone would ask for it.. but they don't know that there is someone makin' them ;D spread the world *g*

  6. I don't know.. I don' want to show him.. I'm kind of embarassed? Lol XD It's not really that amazing.. I'm sure people have done something really stunning for him, this is nothing :D

    Well that's what I've thought.. When I'll be better at sewing, I could make the web shop or something.. As we were talking about that you could help me ;) But I don't want to start spreading the word "hey everyone, i can make simple boy george bags, you want one??" lol :D

  7. this is not nothing... :) it's fantastic! :P just show him as a fanart :D he'll love it!!

    rofl xD well ^.^ you could.. why not? :D
    but well :) later on we'll try to create your page when you think you're good enough ;D

  8. I'm modest :'D I won't show.. I don't think it's that special I should show it :D

    Lol of course I could... But I won't XD Maybe I could sell these bags on my page .. in the future . :D Lol.. If I sell these bags, it would be possible to people wish what picture they want to their bag. :D

  9. I was the black drummer for a pretend Boy George in a school concert when I was about 11, I'm a little white girl...

    tweet tweet tweet


  10. you should show it :)

    nice idea :) ppl surely want to choose the picture :) so you coul too make different celebs... not only George ;) and everyone would be happy ^.^

  11. I don't think it's amazing enough to show it to him, lol. :D

    Yeah.. Maybe I should open an online bag shop XD

  12. yeah ^^ you could open xD
    I think it's amazing enough to show him :D

  13. you think but I don't so maybe you should show him if you want XD lol
    Maybe soemday I will open.. Lol I have already two friends who have said they could make the online shop for me :D Maybe after I get a gooood sewing machine ..

  14. that's good :D so you definitely have some support on that online store thing ^^
    XDD I can't show him that bag... I didn't sew it ;D


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