Saturday, 27 March 2010

Is there anything better than..

it's weekend, you don't have to do anything, you're just playing with make up in your room and listening to good music? ♥


  1. no there is nearly nothing better exept :D one thing.. having all different make-up stuff that is aviable and experiment with that :D

  2. yeah ^.^ wish I could have all that.. xD

  3. we still need to collect different colours and different types :) of the cheapest stuff we get xD

  4. Yeah, definitely! :) I just got some make up pencils from my mum.. Some different colours! :D

  5. :) different colours are so great... :D
    my newest stuff is a bright blue and a white pencil.. plus a purple liquid liner ...
    still want more xD

  6. Yeah it's great to have different colours so you can do lots of different make up looks :)
    You can never have too much makeup! Or, not even enough.. :'D Always need more and more...

  7. yeah ^^ it's sort of a drug xD haha!... but well ^^ the only problem is that it costs alot when you keep on buying xD.. haha!
    I've seen a nice eyeshadow set.. so many colors in :D perhaps I'm goin to buy that ^^

  8. Yeah it's kind of drug.. Healthy but expensive.. Nice ^_^ I'd need some kind of set too, but the good ones I've seen are quite expensive and I can't afford to buy anything now as I need to save money for my trip to London.. Though, then I could do some make up shopping there! I know there's much better products than here.. And many brands that they don't sell in Filand.. Like MAC and Illamasqua.. :D

  9. yeah the good brands aren't sold here neither... so sad!..
    but I really could try if that set is a good one :D
    I think I should when I next go ther I'll buy it :D


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