Wednesday, 17 March 2010

real life horror

Dentists! I hate them. And it seems like they hate me even more, at least they always want to hurt me. I went there today. She was checking my teeth and then some old filling got loose.. She had to put a temporary filling and even it hurted a lot.. She told me to come back next week so they'll put a real filling. But even local anesthetics usually hasn't worked and it hurts so much when they put fillings.. Now I'm afraid to eat anything hard because I don't want this temporary filling to accidentally get loose as in that case I should go to dentist and take the pain sooner..
Really, there's only one thing I dread more than dentists.. And it's presentations in front of everyone at school. But that's something I haven't done in ages, because I've refused to do it since I was about 12 years old. But I have to go to dentists and let them do whatever they think is best for my teeth..Otherwise it would just get worse..


  1. ouch!... I don't like dentists either.. and the worst is that my dentist I was visiting since I was little (he was really good.. no pain!! :D) now doesn't work anymore >.< since that I haven't been at the dentists anymore xD... well... I'm scared 'cause I often hear that they're not that good and it is so painful and stuff O.o

  2. I don't think there's anyone who would like dentists XD You haven't been at the dentists since you were little?? Not at all? :o We got those letters from tehre at least every year and they ask us to come and they check if we have holes or something..
    Yeah, it is painful =( Though not for everyone.. But I'm not one of those lucky people who don't feel that pain =(

  3. since 2 years or so I haven't been at the dentists.. xD.. but I'd like to have the same dentist as I'm used to.. I'm so scared to go and find a new good dentist... O_o

    when it comes to teeth I think I'd be one of those ppl who feels all the pain O.o

  4. But maybe it would be the best to go and try to find a good dentist now.. If you waited for too many years and you'd get teeth problems, then it would be even more horrible to go to dentist then=(

    I wish it wasn't that painful.. :(

    But really, I can't understand.. How can anyone WANT to be a dentist?? And cause all that pain to patients.. :o

  5. yeah I should try.. next week perhaps I'm goin to visit a dentist and take a look at it.. xD but I'm scared 'cause it's not the dentist I'm used to... =/

    I can't understand either.. I mean ... there are ppl who don't care about the teeth.. O.o must be horrible to look in such mouthes... and then the pain they cause.. xD wouldn't be anything I'd like to do

  6. Well.. Someday you have to go there anyway and if the detinst you're used to isn't working anymore, you can't go there :(

    Indeed.. It would be disgusting to look at those people's mouths who don't take care of their teeth.. And I definitely couldn't cause all that pain to someone.. I'm too empathic to be so horrible XD

  7. true... I really need to find a good one.. O.o

    me 2 xD I mean I lough when the guys of Jackass or Dudesons hurt theirselfes but I couldn't be so cruel and hurt somebody else!.. O.o

  8. I haven't found a good one.. WEll, I a lways just go to whoever told me to go there :( For me, they all are just as bad! Well, there was one old woman who I disliked even more than the others.. She lied to me that I have hole though I didn't have and she just told me to take my lip piercing away because "no one shouldn't be wearing that stuff" ..

    Yeah it's totally different to be watching people who WANT to hurt themselves, who want people to laugh when they do it.. Than actually be the one who is hurting someone else!

  9. o.O she kinda forced you to take that piercing off? ohh this person is really dislikeable... everyone must decide itself if or if not to wear a piercing :) I for myself love that stuff :D

    true... xD I so love it when these guys make stupid stuff xD and get hurt!

  10. No she didn't force me to take it off.. But he complained about it all the time and told me that I should take it off, no one should have piercings.. O_o She said it harms my mouth.. or something.. But, she also said I have a hole in my teeth, and I had to go again.. But then there was a different dentists who checked my mouth and said I have no holes! And she also said that my piercing looks nice and hasn't even damaged my mouth at all :')
    I love piercings too!

    Lol I wonder how they have even stayed alive after akll those stupid stuff they've done XD

  11. xD weird!
    yeah piercings are soo cool :D I just love them =)

    true ^^ they must have had some of the worst injuries ^^.. but it still is fun watchin 'em :P

  12. I love piercings too :))

    They're so crazy.... :D

  13. yeah xD somehow it'll be interesting what injurities they already had xDD

  14. xD should we ask them? ^^ haha :'D


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