Wednesday, 3 March 2010

new phone + twitter

I got a new phone (nokia 5800 xpress music) and now I'm able to use internet from my phone! I'm so happy. Having an access to internet from my phone, it will save me from lots of arguments that having only one pc for 6 persons causes.

I downloaded a free twitter application to my phone, Gravity. And I think it's good! Much better than the twitter application that was already installed to my phone when I got it. Or mobile twitter.. I don't like it at all. It's too simple. You can't even reply to tweets there?!

I love twitter. Even though I don't have many friends there.. Only few who I can talk to there. But well.. It's still difficult to write so short tweets, only 140 characters.. But I'm slowly getting better at it! I'd love to get loooong messages on facebook or on youtube or anywhere.. But there's no many people who'd like to write long messages, or read the long messages I send, so I think twitter is the best as I can't bother anyone with long messages there.. I can't control myself when writing but now twitter does it for me!

And I'm also able to text a lot with new phone. The montly payment includes 1000 txts! So please feel free to text me.. I'd love it! I used to have those 1000 txts per month some years ago.. But it was when I had many friends to text with. Don't know how will I manage now, hahah. I know I don't have to send all 1000 txts, but anyway.. It's fun!


  1. Love your new phone! yeah, Twitter is great :] and you know I love getting long messages from you lol. It sure entertains a person and so by tweeting, I often have to post it in parts. Last month I at least sent 500 text messages! lol
    x :]

  2. cool phone :D
    it's nice when you don't have to argue because you're using the internet :D
    so you can go online when ever you want :D

  3. Fab, yeah I love my new phone too :D I know you love getting long messges from me.. And I suppose it doesn't bother Siz either to get long messages from me either, she seems to like talking with me too :D:D Now I got over 40 blog comments from her again.. In my and her blog :D Hahah.. But not many else like it..

    Twitter is so easy and simple to use from phone :) I often have to post tweets in parts too.. But sometimes I had to post even facebook inboz message in parts :'DD

    It's definitely very nice when I don't have to argue because I'm using internet! And now I'll probably spend less time online anyway.. As I can just check new tweets and messages from my phone, if there's none, that's it. But if I always open the computer and check new messages, if there's none, I don't turn computer off but I just stay here and do nothing and browse everything.. :D And then someone tells me to let them use computer and I do something else for a while and then I come back again.. lol. XD

  4. xD well I know what you mean ^^.. haha.. checking ... and if there's nothing leave the pc turned on =P

  5. We never leave the pc turned on.. When someone is using it, then it's turned on but when someone leaves, they have to turn it off too. :D

  6. I meant xD leave it turned on and do something else ;D I never leave it turned on either when I'm not doing anything.. on pc ^^

  7. I do so.. But I don't always want to be doing something on pc XD When checking comments on phone, I spend so much less time here.. :D

  8. yeah it's nice when you don't have to stay infront of the pc to check comments and mails and so on :D

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