Sunday, 21 March 2010


Yesterday my friend from Hämeenlinna came here. She has just got a driving licence and we went to drive all around Tampere and Nokia for more than 5 hours. It was fun. I love sitting in the car. We were listening to good music too! The Cure, David Bowie, Nick Cave (never heard before), David Bowie, Dead Or Alive, Cristal Snow..

Dead Or Alive - it sounded amazing. I haven't been listening to it in ages, just because there's so many other bands I've been listening to lately and I also knew bands sounds even better after a little break and I was right.. I hadn't forgotten how great voice Pete Burns has but still it sounded so new and fresh and strong and stunning.. and everything. I just love it.

And while I was walking in Tampere before I met my friend, some guy asked me if I was going to a punk party! I looked like I was?


  1. wow :D the pix are fab!! O___O
    =) well perhaps this guy wanted to visit a punk party.. xD and needed someone to find it ;D.. but you were the wrong person to ask xD...
    I love your styling :D <33

  2. Thank you! ♥ :DD Well he didn't look like he wanted to go partying.. He looked like he should go home and take care of his kids XD Lol but I don't know..

  3. you're welcome :D

    xD perhaps it was some desire of him?

  4. Haha... perhaps :'D We can't know... He's not here telling us XD

  5. yeah ^^ but it must've been xD else it wouldn't make much sense to ask xD

  6. xD sometimes ppl are soo weird! ^.^


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