Wednesday, 24 March 2010

new room, new wardrobe

I used to think my old room as the best room of our house, I once moved to another room (my sisters') for a while but I've never even thought about moving to my brother's room because I've never liked that room. Well, one night few weeks ago I happened to ask him to change rooms with me. Not because I wanted his room... But because I wanted his wardrobe!

Well, the next day he moved to my room and I moved to his. But it wasn't until last weekend when I managed to get my room 'done'. Don't know how long it would have taken otherwise but because my friend came here last weekend, I had to clean my room.. And I also finally managed to put a carpet to my floor and also change the curtains. Me, lazy?? Haha.

I couldn't take any good pictures of my current room and why would I even introduce my old room then. But if you wanna see my room, you're welcome come here for a visit! ;) Haha.

But I can show you now why I wanted to move to his room. As I said.. Because of the wardrobe.

This is my old wardrobe. Couldn't take a better picture but you see.. There was only few shelves where I had to keep my clothes.

But what have I always wanted.. A bigger wardrobe, where would be a bar for hangers! I have so many shirts with zippers or buttons in front of them and of course I have lots of dresses too.. And they just didn't like staying as a pile in shelves. Everytime I took a dress from between the dresses in the dress pile, almost all of them fall off a shelf! It's so annoying.. I like folding clothes and arranging my wardrobe, but I like doing it only when I want to do it, not everytime I take clothes from my wardrobe!

Dresses and those shirts with zippers or buttons or something in front of them they would be some much better to keep in hangers than in shelves.. And when I realised that my brother has better wardrobe than I did, I wanted to move to his room. He doesn't care where he keeps his clothes, and he doesn't even have dresses or anything and he didn't use those hangers..

So, this is my new wardrobe! Well, I'd need even bigger one but this is much better than my previous one.

A walk-in closet. That's what I'm dreaming of. Someday when I'm living on my own, I'll have a walk-in closet..


  1. I wish even i had a bigger closet! seriously! But, still your closet looks really good. love the rack of make up.

  2. yeah bigger wardrobe is always better. 'cause there is much more space :D I love my big one I have at home in styria... sadly I don't have a big one here in vienna O.o

  3. Barelyvogue: Thanks! Closets can never be too big.. You can never have too much clothes or make-up! :)

    Siz: Yeah it is better to have a bigger wardrobe. I can't believe how could I live all those years with my previous wardrobe which was far too small!
    LOL even though living in the studenthome there seems to be luxury, one thing is missing.. They don't provide you a big wardrobe :(

  4. true.. plus the wardrobe doesn't really smel good I need to take my candles and put 'em into the wardrobe so my clothes would smell like the candle :D (or something else.. need to buy!)

  5. Yeah.. :D You wouldn't burn those candles in your wardropbe though? lol

  6. xD lol I think I wouldn't burn 'em haha... ^^;

  7. xD... wouldn't be a good idea i think ^.^

    bought me some biiig candles xD with cherry smell :D they're soo cool ^.^ and I'm sure my wardrobe will smell nice when I put 'em in

  8. Wouldn't be a good idea unless you want to burn all your clothes.. and room.. and house XD

    Sounsd good! I've totally forgotten candles, I was meant to go and see if I find something with nice smell to make my room smell good.. WEll, someday XD

  9. yeah ^^ candles with smell are the best you can do.. oh I love it soo much when I go shopping and I go somewhere where they sell those candles.. I like standing there because it smells so nice :D

  10. That's nice :D I rarely go to shops where they sell candles.. I rarely go anywhere but food shopping with my parents, hahah

  11. xDD well you should go more often to shops with candles.. I like the nanunana but in vienna it is somewhere I don't know so I don't go that often anymore... but in summer when I'm back in styria I know where it is and I can stand infront of that candles with smell <33

  12. Maybe you and I can go candle shopping when you come here :DD We have to if you really want to cook lollipops... lol XD

  13. yeah we need to candle shop ^^ or I bring some along...
    haha ^^ but I don't know if we should use candles with smell for that ?!!


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