Friday, 5 March 2010

black H&M order

I got my H&M order today. The delivery was so fast! I made the order only few days ago.

I needed a new black knit jacket and went to buy one from H&M online shop, and saw this dress on sale and bought it too. The next day I went to H&M online shop, there weren't those dresses anymore! Well, there was one size but it was far too small for me. I'm so happy, for once I managed to order something in time!

When ordering clothes from the internet instead of going real shopping, the clothes are often wrong size because you can't try them on before buying. But surprisingly, this time the clothes I ordered, they happened to fit me perfectly!

It was really impossible to take good pictures of these black clothes! They looked too black in every picture, and you couldn't see the details. And when I added light to the pictures, then they started looking blueish and the quality of the picture turned bad!

I love the bow thing in front of the dress.

I love the puffed sleeves!


  1. wow looks good :)
    I like it =)

  2. :) today I was in H&M.. just looking around... but I just couldn't find anything I really liked.. xD I'm sure H&M in Finland is better.. or I really should go to the H&M in vienna and find out if that one is better xD...

  3. Yeah let me know when you've visited H&M in Vienna.. Idf it's better than in Styria :D Well, someday you'll see if H&M really is better here :D

  4. well I visited H&M in Vienna it is better.. but still I'm not sure xD about many clothes.. O.x though I've seen 2 nice skirts.. but unfortunately they're too small 4 me.. one of those skirts was in the childrens section xD I realized it later on ... LOL ^^ when I looked at the size...

  5. Of course there's many clothes in H&M that I don't like either.. But usually there's always something I like :) Hahaha lol.. Isn't it annoying to see something nice and then realise it's in the children section so no sizes for you :( Once I found a nice skirt in flea marker and it was so cheap and I bought it though I realised it's far too small for me, it was children's size and a dress.. But I cutted the sleeves off and used it as high waist skirt :DD

  6. :) pretty cool .. ^.^ you made something new out of this dress which was too small for you :D

    yeah so annoying... I really hate it when I like something and it's not in my size.. xD

  7. Well, I didn't make much.. Just cutted those sleeves off :D I think I have pictures of it on facebook.. Not sure.. Maybe I could post here someday :D

    It really is annoying.. XD But well, soon I'll be so good at making clothes that if I saw something that isn't my size, I can make the same kind of thing for myself, exactly in my size :DD

  8. yeah you could :)

    I'm sure you'll make some better version of that stuff :D

  9. Maybe.. We'll see it.. someday :D

  10. yeah :) but I really belive that the selfmade stuff'll look better :D

  11. Don't know if it looks better.. But I still liek selfmade stuff more ^__^ At least it fits perfectly and it's exactly how you want it to be!

  12. true I think it looks better... and the best thing is noone else has the same :D

  13. True! :D And it's much nicer to say "this is made by me" than "I bought this from H&M or somewhere" :DD

  14. yeah that's so true :D
    haha ^^ I now told someone how to make such hairfalls I have :D and well ^^ it's cheaper too ^^...
    selfmade is much better..
    * it fits
    * it's the way you imagine it
    * noone els has it
    * it's cheaper :D

    :) I hope I find out that I can sew in summer ^^ I so want to do my own stuff :D


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