Friday, 10 September 2010

guess who was here again..

.. Siz!! :) She was in Finland in July, and now she came back again! This time she stayed at my home instead of the hotel though. Time went by so fast... She was here for a week and we had lots of fun!

Very windy day & perfect hair...

These hats fit perfectly to our goth styles. (I'm not a goth though, but one guy asked me if I am..)

Siz & his boyfriend, me & my girls. lol.

To be continued..


  1. YAY for visiting friends again! Looks like you girls had a brilliant time!

  2. so funny it seems that you´ve had such a great time!!!!!!!!


  3. @Pili: Yeah thanks!! We definitely had an amazing time :) Can't wait to meet her again!

    @aGdame: Yeah indeed we did!!


  4. aww I can't wait to come again :)
    that's so great ^^ we had so much fun and it is always so nice to stay in finland <33... hopefully next time I come ;) I can stay and don't have to leave :P

  5. hahah last pic so funny <3
    great to know u girls had fun time =)

  6. @Siz: Can't wait till you come again!! :D Even I like being here more when I'm with you, heheh :D Would be sooo nice if you could stay... We could go to gay bars sooo often ♥

    @Princess Feef: Heheh thanks :DD ♥


  7. aww :) yeah but the chance is really high that I come to Finland next year already doing my term abroad even if it is the winter term... the applying for summerterm 2011 has already been and there are just 6 places left... but they're too far away from where I want to be ;)
    I man okay that one in Helsinki would be okay but the other 5 are way too north for me =)


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