Friday, 24 September 2010

Jann Wilde @ Club Liberté on 17th Sept

Gigs with age limits are always the best, for some reason Wilde doesn't wear sunglasses then!This is the first gig with age limit where I went when I'm officially old enough. Didn't have to show my ID though. I wonder if I'll ever get used to that I'm really allowed to go in, heh.

I took so many pictures at the gig.. When I go through them fast, it's like watching a video. Don't worry, I'm not going to post them all ;) I suppose everyone (including me) is sooo bored, my blog is all about outfits of the weeks and Jann Wilde gigs these days. Where's all make up looks??


  1. I wouldn't call your blog boring, gigs are super fun! But, I'd love to see more blogs with make up looks when you have the time!

    About IDs... it's so funny I still get carded on occasion and I'm almost 30!

  2. Hi Jonna,

    Nice to see you blogging again. I've missed you! I found I could get into gigs and clubs without ID by the time I was 16, so the novelty of it wore of pretty quickly once I could do it legally. Lol
    Any sign of your prize yet? It should def be there by now. If it hasn't shown up, I'll be pretty upset, because it means someone has taken it in transit because it hasn't been returned to me. :(
    I put in some awesome nail polishes for you too. So sad.


  3. @Pili: Oh thanks! Nice to hear that someone is interested in these gig posts too! :) Of course I'll do more make up looks, as soon as I have time! Since the school started, I've been super busy.. Can't do make up looks after school because it's getting dark and can't get good pictures.. And at the weekends there's always something to do. But I'll try to find some time to do some make up looks soon too!
    Oh, that's funny! But be happy, you still look so young and beautiful that they want to see your ID! :)

    @Bec: Hi!! I've missed you and everyone else too! Days are far too short, I'd definitely need few extra hours so I could blog more often... Here you can't go to gigs (there's gigs without age limit though, but not at bars and clubs) and clubs before you're 18. It's been looong 3 years waiting for it.. I started going to gigs when I was 15, and then I still looked too young to even try to go in.. This year I've went to few gigs with age limit even though I still was too young, but they didn't even ask my ID. But, I couldn't travel far, would be bad to pay a lot for trains and then if they wouldn't let me in at the gig place.. But now I'm free to go.
    And about the prize, yeah it has arrived!! Thank you so much!! I was meant to let you know but I didn't have time to come online.. I think I'm going to make a blog post about it too. But I need daylight so I can do swatches and some make up look using those eyeshadows.. And I'm in love with the sparkling nail polish, it's amazing!! ♥ I'm wearing it now too! Thank you!


  4. Awesome! I am so, so glad to hear it finally got to you. The nail polish was an after thought, but I saw it and thought you might love it. I got one for me too!


  5. @Bec: I'm so glad too! Thank you! I really love that nailpolish. :) x

  6. ahhh xD looks like a fantastic gig!! it's so mean that I live so far away.. so we can't go to those gigs together =/

  7. @Siz: It was fantastic.. As always :D Not a long time left till you live here and can go to their gigs! Though.. Soon I'll live far away too and can't :// x

  8. but you can come visit me ;) and then we go together ^^
    aww I can't wait until I finally can move to Finland <3


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