Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Such a loong time since I've been an active blogger! I thought that when the summer holiday begins and I can't use my very good sewing machine at school anymore, I'd have lots of time for make up experiments and blogging again - just like last summer .. But there's been so much else going on and .. I've decided not to post so much personal stuff here anymore - well, I've never posted anything really personal but I mean I'd rather focus on posting about make up, clothes and inspirations than about friends, events etc.

So. Here's few garments I've sewed lately.

This vest is made of some old huge jacket I got from someone. At first I made also sleeves, but I didn't like them so much and cut them off. I'm wearing an old skirt of mine as a dress.

This dress is made of my grandma's old long black skirt. I turned it upside down (the waist is now the hem), I opened the sides and created the sleeves. I made the neckline out of the skirt's slit and added those purple pieces to bring it some colour. This dress kinf od reminds me of  Donald Duck's shirt, hahah.

This blue dress is also made of my grandma's old skirt. I didn't have anything nice and comfortable to wear at my friend's birthday/housewarming party, so at night before I was going there, I sewed this. The first blue garment I've ever worn! And I really like it. I added the belt to add some shape to it - even though I love oversized, comfortable clothes - I don't want  to look like I'm wearing a sack.


  1. I wish I could sew like this. This vest and blue dress are beautiful!

  2. Wow, absolutely amazing repurposing done on those clothes, the blue dress is stunning!

  3. thats a nice blue dress =]


  4. Oh I love that black and white jacket! It looks great! :)

  5. i love your make up! a mix beetwen Nina haggen and siouxie sioux!

  6. So jealous of your talent. If I can only knew how to sew could save some serious money.

    <3 Marina

  7. I love all the dresses, but my fave one is the 3rd one and you look great on it!!

    You're always so nice with me, thank you so much always for your sweet words!

    Have a nice day, dear <3

  8. love your style.. really funky. you are such a character.. :D

    thanks a lot sweetie..

    following you blog now...
    hope you check and follow my blog too..

    stay FABULOUS!

  9. Bonjour!!! Waou!!! Super ta tenue!!!! Tres jolie!!!
    Angela Donava

  10. WOW such a lovely dress this type of dress is fabulous in market.

    Reflective Motorcycle Vests

  11. Such old comments but replying anyway.. And checking out your blogs ^_^

    @weasel: You could do anythjing you want! With a little practise ... :) Thanks!

    @Pili: Thanks!

    @NANCYXO: Thanks!

    @Dial V for Vintage: Thanks :)

    @Izumihiiiflower: Aww thanks very much!! :D

    @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle: Thanks! It's not that difficult, just try! :D You can use ready patterns at first, as making your own patterns can be the most difficult part.

    @Sandra Leiva: Aww thanks dear! <3

    @Noeh: Thanks!! :)

    @HJazzy E (hivenn): Thanks!

    @Angela: Merci!!

    @Elh: Thanks!

    @Rachel {De Paura♥}: Thanks!

    @Ali: Thanks!



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