Saturday, 16 July 2011

JVG and popsicles

My friend Tommi from Turku came to visit me in Nokia for a couple nights! I had a great time with him, he's such a nice and fun guy to be around!

At first he sewed my snake's mouth closed. I think it looks much better that way, but I've been to lazy or something to do it before. It's been like forever since Tommi's been sewing anything so... it was quite fun to watch.

As we're almost the same size, my clothes fit him quite well and he was trying some of them on...
It was soooo much fun.

 I LOVE this look with my pink fishnet shirt and grey skirt. ♥

Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Ohhh, how many times I heard that....

Jare & VilleGalle gig @Tivoli! They're finnish hip hop band ... Mostly rapping about sports. We went to their gig, just for fun as neither of us really likes that kind of music. But it was great!

We also ate one packet of popsicles, visited a sex shop, sat in front of a church (unfortunately it was closed so we couldn't go in!), played some relationship game with my brother and his girlfriend (that was interesting as we're not a couple :D) and talked a loooot about sex ..

And stayed up till about 9.30, watching movies! Transamerica, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pinocchio, Titanic ..
Looking forward to Tommi's birthday/housewarming party next month! ^_^


  1. you're clothes fit him quite good :) he looks good in them ^^

    aww :D I like sexshops they do have fancy clothing... =/ but I can't affort any of those XD... or maybe I was just visiting expensive ones xD I don't know... =D

    sounds like you had fun =D
    that's always a good thing =)

  2. Lol those clothed really didn't look good on me... :---D But I'm glad someone doesn't agree with me. Next time I should put on some cool makeup and pose seriously... ~

    Anyways, why your posts are always so much better than mine? :--D You're making me jealous, even though I'm gonna marry you soon. XD

  3. @Siz: Yeah he looks amazing in my clothes, especially the last look is stunning ♥ Hehehh.
    This was my first time ever in a sex shop! Ohh, they're expensive even in Austria?
    And yeeeah we really had fun. XD

    @Mutsu: You keep saying that but you have eyes, you saw yourself in the mirror and these pictures... You just can't really think that they didn't look good, as they were like made just for you. ♥ Yaay, can't wait for the next time!
    My posts are boring, your posts are random and fun.! And I know why THIS post is better than the one where you told about your trip to Nokia ... Becaaaause my post involves the gig pics too ;DD
    Hahahh, you have no reason to be jealous hun, just make sure the ring is gorgeous enough!! XD


  4. yeah they are XD... me & my friend thought we should take a look because all the gothstores are so expensive ^^ but then we figured out that the sexshop's more expensive than a gothsore xD.... that's really sad ^^ they have nice clothes =)

    yeah :) he really does look good in your clothes :D I love the last look too it fits so well :D

  5. Nice looks! I went to see Harry Potter too the other day, haha :D

  6. I can promise you that you're going to hear a lot of Harry Potter from me and Heidi when school starts again (oh God, I don't want to even think about that). :D

  7. wow what fun!!!

    Been MIA with blogging, but your blog has inspired me once again. Am back. Cheers!!!

  8. LOL...He looks good in your clothes girl! You guys were having such a blast!

    Nice pics thanks for sharing.

    <3 Marina

  9. Hooray for having a great time with friends! And damn, he does look good in a skirt!

  10. You look awesome! That looks like such a fun time. Where exactly in Finland are you?

    and thanks for the comment!


  11. Sorry for the super late replies :DD

    @Siz: That's why it's great to be able to make your own clothes :D No need to spend all your money on expensive clothes on gothstored and sex stores ..
    Hahah yeah I love the last look on him as well .. Now I've actually given that pink net top to my another friend! Who's also a boy :DD

    @Daiane: Cool :D

    @Mimski: I didn't! :D

    @Orchid: Thanks!

    @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle: Heh thanks!!

    @Pili: I knooow!

    @Morgan Jordan: Thanks!! I live in Nokia, but I spend a lot of time in Tampere which is right next to Nokia. :)



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