Saturday, 16 July 2011

new hair & Tammerfest look

I got a new haircut a while ago. I had thought that I might want to grow my hair long again ... And what do do then;  of course, cut it short! Hahh. It's been about 6 years since my hair was as short as it's now. At first I felt a bit ... naked without my longer hair, but now I'm quite used it. Perfect hair for summer. I always wore ponytails at home, because it's much more comfortable, but now I don't have to because my hair is so short it feels like it's on ponytail all the time.

I wanted to try some bold make up look and different hairdo for Tammerfest, but what a surprise, it was a rainy day so there was no other option for hairdo than wear a hat... And, I was veeery tired so ended up with a simple make up look too.

I wore my black leggins sleeves and the purple dress and little vest that I've made, with those rose lace leggins. The colour of the day was obviosly purple, as I also had a purple hoodie as a jacket and purple scarf..


  1. love the purple color hun =]


  2. You look great with your new haircut!
    And your eye make up is as always perfect.

  3. @NANCYXO: Thanks hun :) It's my latest favourite colour!

    @weasel: THank you! :)


  4. I think your hair looks cute! I love the outfit and the makeup too!

  5. Super cute haircut!

    And I so love that purple skirt of yours!


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