Thursday, 25 November 2010

Antti Tuisku @Loco on 5th Nov

Heh, our teacher offered free tickets to this gig and I wanted to come and asked some of my classmates to come with me .. None of us are any fans of Antti Tuisku or anything, but we just thought it'd be fun to go anyway! Also gor some free drinks. Fun!

And few pictures of us ..


  1. Looks like a FUN night, and I LOVE your eye make up :)


  2. Hahaa seriously Antti Tuisku in your blog? This is definitely the day I've been waiting for.. or not! Well, maybe he would look cute with a wig and makeup! 8)

  3. Did we take a picture like that too? :D Maybe I have to do some serious searching from my memory because I don't remember we taking this picture either. :D

  4. @Jemina: Thanks! It was fun :)

    @Nea: Yeah... It's so hilarious.. I had to post this XDD This suits here sooo well ... And you know how much I love Antti !! lmao. You're right.... With a wig and make up, he'd be like a guy for my taste ♥

    @Mimski: LOOOL. You shouldn't be drinking so much so you could remember.... ;)



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