Monday, 15 November 2010

London pics #2

Then pictures of Nea and me ..

Some guy in Camden Town drew a caricature of us.

Getting ready to go out.

I bought this fake fur vest in some vintage store in Camden Town.

In front of our hotel.

Westminster bridge..

So happy to be in London that she even jumps for joy ;D

Eating candyfloss.

My first hamburger @McDonalds in maaany years.. (fish hamburger, I don't eat meat..)



In Soho ..

 Nice walls @Freedom.

 On the plane going home.... So sad.


  1. You look soooo gorgeous! Glad you had a fun time in London :)

  2. aww :D it rly looks like you had a fantastic time in england :D
    the caricature is great :)

  3. Amazing make up! Coming back home after a trip is always so sad!

    I'm now in the happy getting ready for a trip mode, myself!

  4. Gorgeous! Last time I went to west minister it was paccked and it was September. Did you visit London Tombs at London Bridge? It's awesome. :P

  5. you must have spent such fabulous time in london! jealous!

  6. You look awesome and what a FUN time you had in London :)


  7. @Robyn: Thank you! I'm so glad too.. The week in London was amazing ♥

    @Siz: Heheh and these are only some random pics... I haven't posts of those all fun events yet :DD Though you've seen them on FB already ..
    Yeah, I had a FANTASTIC time there ♥

    @Pili: Thank you! The best make up look isn't even posted yet.. heheh. You're right, it's sooo sad to come back home after a trip.. Especially if it's been somewhere where you'd love to live..
    Oh, you're going somewhere too? Great :D

    @VampiressDoll: I didn't visit it... Maybe next time :D Again, I misses all tourist attractions .. heh :D

    @Marta: Yeah I really did!

    @Jemina: Thank you! It was more than fun ♥ Loved every second of it.


  8. :) and you sure have tons of pix taken there :D
    so great to hear you had a fantastic time <33

  9. @Siz: It really was FANTASTIC ♥ And yeah this time I took lots of pictures! The first time in London when I take so many pictures :DD x

  10. but it's good to have many pictures :D so you can always remember everything by looking at a nice picture :D

  11. @Siz: Indeed :) Looking at the nice pictures and feeling desperate to GO BACK ! x

  12. loved all the pics <3 awww super cute
    and loved the drawing portrait <3

  13. @Princess Feef: Thank you! ♥ Heheh it was so fun to sit there when the guy was drawing us .. :D


  14. haha yeah xD I have a pic of Tampere set as background on my laptop and makes me feel so sad coz I'm here in austria xD .. so I absolutely know how you're feeling bout it


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