Friday, 12 February 2010

i ♥ libraries

I went to the library today. I was meant just go and return the film I borrowed two weeks ago (Naked Civil Servant) and check if someone has returned the book I've been waiting for weeks, Tainted Life.. But no, it's not returned yet even though it should have been already on Tuesday!

But it doesn't matter.. I can wait. And I found something else, very fascinating!

Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD. I've wanted to see it since I watched a video, Sweet Transvestite, that my friend Siz linked on her blog post. I can't ever resist transvestites.. Hahah.

Quentin Crisp & Donald Carroll - Doing It With Style. Unfortunately this book is translated into finnish though.. I always prefer reading books in their original language.

And last but definitely not least...

Dave Rimmer - New Romantics: The Look. I'm so excited about this book, I've always been very interested in new romantics! I love them.. The clothes, the make up, the hair, the music.. The everything! And this book contains lots of pictures too..

+ I still have four Soft Cell and Marc Almond albums I borrowed from library a week or two ago. I love libraries.. Because of them I can read, watch and listen to stuff I couldn't afford otherwise. Well, someday I'll buy all albums and books and films I want but as a student without a job I can't afford so.. I use libraries.


  1. wow you can borrow CDs at libary?...
    cool! at our libaries you only can borrow DVDs and books.. oh and games
    but I haven't ever seen CDs there...

    did you like the Rocky Horror?... I'm sure you did.. xD I mean there are transvestites

  2. Yeah we can borrow CD's too! I don't know if you can borrow games here, I haven't seen.. But I'm not interested in games so it doesn't affect me whether you can borrow them or not =)

    Well.. I was too tired when I was watching it with my brother, I couldn't concentrate on the movie as I tried to just keep my eyes open and not fall asleep.. And I would have needed lots of concentration so I'd have understood the lyrics, they weren't translated! So, I'm going to watch the movie again someday when I'm fully awake and I'll let you know my opinion then! Hahah.. Yeah I love transvestites!

  3. that's so cool when you can borrow CDs I mean then you can decide if you like the whole Album or only few songs.. and if it is worth to buy

    :) I'm sure you'll love it I mean there are transvestites :D xD and the story is funny... and it is weird and ^^ well it is just a movie to love :D I know it isn't translatet at all and I haven't ever watched it with subs so I really can't tell if there is everything translated with subs... ^.^
    maybe when I'm having my abroad term then I'll take the movie with me and when we meet we can watch it together and just love the movie :D

  4. Yeah! And if I like the album, I can copy the songs to my computer till I'll buy the album..
    And borrowing CD's from library is good especially when I'm starting to listen to a band I haven't heard much of and I want to see if it's worth buying :D

    Hahah you know me well XD I love everything where's transvestites XD I'm going to watch it when I have a holiday.. Next week =) Then I'll have time. I'll watch it with english subtitles.. I checked that it has english subtitles even for the songs and it's good as I don't always understand everything I hear :D

    Yaaay looking forward to when we'll watch the movie together :DD

  5. that's true wish I could borrow CDs at libaries :)

    :) the songs are great there :D I love the songs my fav songs are "sweet transvestite" and "time warp"

  6. It's weird, why don't they let you borrow CDs there as it's possible to borrow DVDs too! :D

    Yeah the songs are great :) My favourite is Sweet Transvestite :D Suprisingly... LOL

  7. don't know xD well perhaps it's different in vienna ... 'cause a it's bigger city!

    Sweet Transvestite was the first song I ever heard from the Rocky Horror Show

  8. Maybe :)

    It's the first song I heard from the show too .. When you linked it on your blog post :D

  9. :) I have to find out... I mean now I have time to find it out... :D

    xD I liked it 'cause it's my fav.. ^^ but I think it really is the best :D

  10. yeah :)

    Lol I think it's the best too.. And not only because it's about transvestites.. Lol :D

  11. LoL ^.^
    I love to sing along ... and I know every line :P <3

  12. Those songs.. Somehow they remind me of David Bowie :D lol

  13. I don't know! :o Maybe the voice.. Or the songs. I have no idea why but they made me think about David Bowie ! :o

  14. xD... well I only think of the RHPs xD...

  15. :D haha.. Next time you watch it, listen to it and try to think if it really sounds like David Bowie or am I just imagining ?XD

  16. well I can't imagine that it sounds like David Bowie.. 'cause I know it's Tim Curry singing xD haha ^^

  17. Haha.. I knew it really isn't Bowie.. But still, it reminded me of Bowie XD

  18. xD yeah but I don't know I'm not getting reminded of Bowie LoL

  19. XDD Why I'm the only one who it reminds of Bowie XD

  20. don't know xD I've never asked anyone if he/she gets reminded of Bowie.. LoL.. xD but perhaps you're not hte only one ;D

  21. Well, I haven't asked either! Lol.. Maybe :D


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