Tuesday, 23 February 2010

eye shadow killer

Yeah. I did it.Again. I dropped my black eye shadow. And it fell to pieces.

Why do I always drop my black eye shadows? But nothing bad ever happens to my other eye shadows. Maybe it's because I don't use the others, so I can't drop them. Haha.. But the black one, I use it every day. Anyway.. Now my make up bag is all black inside and whatever product I touch, my hands gets black too. How nice.

And I have no idea what kind of black eye shadow I should buy next. The ones I've bought here before, they haven't been good.. Either too glittery or bluish or messy or something. This Bobby Brown eye shadow was very good.. I bought it in London (after dropping my previous eye shadow I needed a new one...). I went to John Lewis to look for new eye shadow and the Bobby Brown was the first one that I saw and I thought it must be good as Shiva Queen uses it too. But they don't sell Bobby Brown products in Finland.. Well, I can still use this one but not keep it in my make up bag. But I hope I'll find some other good eye shadow too. And next time.. I'll try to handle it with more care and not kill it!


  1. xD well I killed my powder *g*...
    I once had a good one I think it was Rimmel London... called jet black.. :D it was the best so far the others mostly look grey O.o though they should be black.. >.<

  2. LOL we're such make up killers.. :D
    Thanks, maybe I'll try that one next if I have to buy eyeshadow before going to London. At least they sell rimmel london in Finland too :)

  3. :) I hope it was that brand xD...
    well I first look at my old eyeshadow thingy xD before you buy anything that doesn't work... :P
    well at least doesn't look like it should ;D

  4. Hahah XD I'm not going to buy new one before I've used this one till the end.. (lol I dropped it again and now it's even in smaller pieces XDD) But I washed my make up bag and won't put this eye shadow there anymore..
    Yeah check if it was that brand :'D

  5. :)I checked.. and it wasn't rimmel london it was manhatten ^^ called dark spirit :D
    xD I'm really getting confused with my black shades *g*.. =P (which aren't really black at all xD)

  6. I need to find some good eye shadow from Finland.. I think I couldn't wait till I can go abroad O_o And I want to take my eye shadow with me when I'm going to school or somewhere else so I can fix my make up during the day.. But now I can't. =( I haven't really been using black eye shadows for a long time.. This Bobby Brown is only the second one I've had! lol..

  7. xD I had so many "black" shadows xD... and I'm so annoyed ... that these things pretend to be black xD... though they aren't even if they're cost more than only 2€ xD... (I only buy the cheaper stuff... exept for the Manhattan thing.. which cost 5€ O.o)

  8. All black kajals I've had, they've always been really black! :D So if nothing else works.. You can use it as eyeshadow.. I only buy cheap stuff too.. But the Bobby Brown eyeshadow was expensive, about 14£ :o

  9. wow really expensive.. O.o

    well the "black" shades can be really black when they're wet...
    kajal is a good idea I used it too.. :D as shadow but ^^ well I'd like to have a real black shadow not only those pretent to be things... xD

  10. Yeah it was expensive.. I've never bought anything as expensive before.. O_o But at least it was a good one! :D And I wanted a good one.. After all those "black" eyeshadows.. I wanted BLACK. :D So ncie, such a expensive eye shadow and I go and drop it. WEll done.

    I'll try wetting the "black" eyeshadows.. When I use them next time. I had to use kajal for one day when I was in London, after destroying my old eyeshadow (XD) and before I bought this Bobby Brown.. :D Real black shadows are much easier to apply than kajal as eyeshadow.. WEll, depends on what kind of eyeshadow you want to put but I like soft faded edges usually and with kajal it wouldn't be that easy :D

  11. lol xD could have happened to me 2.. I often drop my powder xD.. LoL

    yeah real shadows are easier.. but well we could get used to that kajal thing and never ever have troubles with "black" again xD
    yeah with kajal it isn't that easy but maybe possible ;D

  12. I don't drop my powder.. But I often lost it ! O_o And then I have to buy new one..

    With kajal it is possible, but I'd rather use real eye shadows and not use kajal as eye shadows unless if I have no other choice :D

  13. xD I've never lost my make-up stuff... :)

    yeah I don't like using the kajal either when it comes to nice black shades on the eyelid....

  14. The powder (or few of them during years, lol) are the only make up stuff I've lost.. XD

    But, sometimes if you don't have anything else (eyehsadows), kajal is good then :D I don't use it otehrwise either..

  15. I've never lost anything of my make-up ^^

    yeah but it sucks if you have to use it as shadow

  16. You're good to take care of your stuff.. ^__^ I try to be!

    It sucks.. But, using it as shadow is better than to not use anything!

  17. yeah I don't know I never lost my make-up stuff only destroyed my powder xDD so I think I'm not taking care enough ^^

    yeah better than nothing... true^^

  18. Surely everyone has sometimes destroyed something.. Must have XD

    Yeah :)


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