Wednesday, 20 April 2011

make up by Yvonne

I'm sure you all love how my "make up blog" has kind of  turned into the "gig pics blog" lately.. I haven't been experimenting a lot with make up, and if I have tried something new, haven't taken pics of the look ..
It's summer holiday soon though, and I'll have lots of spare time.. I'm sure I'll be playing with make up lots more then, just like last summer, so stay tuned if you wanna see more!

While waiting for the new looks .. I want to post this one.
Couple weeks ago I went to Hämeenlinna to visit my friend Yvonne. Hehh, on the day I was leaving, I felt too tired and lazy to do my make up and she wanted to do it ..  It was so nice to let someone else to do my make up for once!

Here's the look.


  1. Lol she knows your style! I think it looks awesome :D

  2. @Robyn: Yeah, she does indeed! :D x

  3. it's fantastic :D maybe she should always do your look when you feel a bit tired and not really much like doing it yourself ;D ^^

  4. @Siz: Yeah I know, she's so good :) But she can't always do my make up when I'm tired/lazy/something .. She doesn't live so near me 8( But yeah, I'm sure she's going to do my make up someday again! x


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