Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

I like it. The song is the new LGBT rights anthem but the video is from the outer space. The giving birth scene was a bit creepy.. The video itself is sooo weird and bizarre..

But what else can you expect from Lady Gaga ? :D

She rocks many different looks in this video, including a black leather bikini with her 'horns', a nude see-through body suit with zippers, a tuxedo paired with a cotton candy pink wig and skeleton make up..

I kinda love those implants in her face and shoulders, so weird and different. As a tribute to Alexander McQueen.. The single 'Born This Way' was also released on the one-year anniversary of his death. (Heh, I wonder how many little monsters are going to follow her, and if it will become normal to see people walking around with fake horns!)

I've heard so many negative comments about her these days, and about this video.. But I think Gaga is such an interesting artist anyway, I'm always looking forward to see what she does next!

You probably either love or hate 'Born This Way', and I'm curious to hear your opinion! 
What do you think of the video ?


  1. The giving birth scene is a bit... er, yeah. Some great imagery, though, the skull makeup is awesome!

  2. I think it's cool, I like the imagery and yeah the skull face scenes were really quirky and different (her spazzing out at the end was amusing). I just don't -love- the song. I like the message but I think it's over-manufactured sounding. She's losing some of her originality, in my opinion anyway. I'm also kinda tired of seeing her nearly naked, lol! We get it already.

  3. I like the video, she's always surprising in the best wa possible. The birth scene is creepy yeah but i like that lol and the song is very good in my opinion.

  4. i love the song - still undecided about the video, but the more i watch it the more i'm coming round to really liking it!! x

  5. HM. Creepy indeed. I really can't decide what to think about her! There is SOMETHING annoying .. I just don't know what! But I can't hate anyone who is so open-minded and different! ^^ And BRAVE.. because people can change their opinion after this.. or then not but I guess songs like this are quite risky. I'm surprised if "typical/normal teenagers" will agree this! Thought that music gender is now IN.. so... and there's still that nudity thing! I like neither of them. The result is... I'm happy she made it! Lol. xx

  6. I dislike it all that illuminati symbolism i find it messed up

  7. well the birth scene is creepy the rest of that vid is okay .. she always did things like that so in future she sure will keep up with that.. but the song I mean yeah it's okay but it sounds too familar to me.. can't tell which song it reminds me on but honestly it really sounds too familar to me O_o so weird! the lyrics are great and the message is perfect!

  8. She is different from anybody else and this is what I like about her. I am still uncertain about this video though but I like that she pushes the boundaries.
    - Marie

  9. Thanks everyone for the comments! I was happy to hear your opinions too :) x


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