Friday, 25 March 2011

The Voodoo Nights @ O'Hara's on 22th March

It's so funny to think that since JWRA broke up in 2007, I wasn't interested in Jann Wilde's new band at all and I thought I'm just going to follow  The Voodoo Nights gigs.. Well, things don't always go as planned. Since that, I've seen Jann Wilde about 35 times and The Voodoo Nights only 4 times.. hehh. (The Voodoo Nights has had only one gig without age limit and before last autumn, I was too young to go to their gigs ..)

Such a great band, loved the new songs too. Looking forward to their next gig !

Thanks Nea for the company ! ♥

Hmmh sometimes gigs make me think that maybe I really should get a driving licence or something ... Gigs during the week - not a good thing as buses don't go to where I live so late but only at weekends. (luckily mum came to pick us up this time though .. Walking about 15km wouldn't be such a big problem, IF it was a summer already and not so cold, and IF you didn't have to wake up so early next morning ..)


  1. Oh boy (George!)! Lol. It was a good gig ! But that picture about us is HORRIBLE!!! Luckily my hair has a meeting with Tarja soon <3

  2. yea :D looks like a fun night =)
    would've loved to join :D

  3. @Nea: That's what happens when you take only one picture ... They're usually horrible ;) I had totally forgotten that your hair used to look like that! What's that colour O_o lol

    @Siz: Soon we can go to gigs together! :D



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