Wednesday, 22 February 2012

purple & green make up

Make up of the day: purple and green eyeshadow, huge eyebrows, long winged liner, fake eyelashes and black lips with a touch of blue.

I really like purple & green colour combo, but it wasn't until today when I actually got around doing a look with these colours together.  I also tried a pair of fake eyelashes I got from my friend Tommi like forever ago. I think I should start wearing fake eyelashes more often! They really complete any make up look and make it more dramatic. I've always thought it takes too much time and effort to put them on properly.. But it's not really that difficult, it just take practise! 

The zebra dress is made by me.


  1. Super gorgeous look, Jonna!!! You're so creative and talented! :D Love your blog! <3

  2. Gorgeous look! I like the green, it really pops with all the black/white in your outfit, and your lips look great too.

  3. I love the strong brow! so creative! xx

  4. gorgeous make up like usual! MAJOR LOVE. the purple and green combination is awesome <3

  5. Love your makeup! Wish I could pull that off. Glad you're blogging again!

    PS Thanks for your comment! :)

  6. wow :) I just looove that look =D it looks really great!!
    you're really talented :D

  7. LOVE IT! The false eyelashes really do complete the look!

  8. Bonjour!!!
    J adore ton make-up!!!
    Super belle robe!!!

  9. Amazing! I actually have a similar green eyeshadow and I will be featuring it soon on my blog too! Great minds think alike! :)


  10. Thanks for commenting on my blog ! I love your style so much ! It's very inspiring for me !!!

  11. You are so freakin' talented. Not just with makeup, but with fashion design! That zebra dress is adorable! I love the fun color combination of your eye shadow. Can you do my makeup for prom? Pretty please? I have no idea what I'm doing.


  12. I like your style:) It's so fun with people who stand out!

  13. @Cecilie A: Thanks! <3

    @Robyn: Thanks! That was the idea behind that outfit, I wanted to make the make up colours look more .. colourful. :D

    @Violeta: Thanks!

    @vintage process: Thanks!

    @Taj Acosta: Thanks!

    @Mitha Komala: Thankyouu<3

    @Izumihiiiflower: Thanks! :)

    @their imagination: Thanks :)

    @Morgan Jordan: Thanks! You can pull off anything that you want! :D

    @Siz: Thank youuu :D

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: Thanks!

    @Lysa: Merci!

    @Racher {De Paura♥} Thanks! Looking forward to seeing it :D

    @Luna Tiger: Thanks!! :)

    @Emily: Thank you so much!And yeah, I'd love to do your make up for prom! :D

    @Sandra - If it comes in pink: Thanks! :)



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