Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!


My mum is simply the best mum in the world,
I love her!  ♥


  1. such a beautiful drawing... :)
    and you said you can't draw xD
    I can't draw butterlfies O_o ... I really can't soo beautiful
    she must have loved it :D

  2. Awwww, is that your mum? but why is she so sad...?

  3. Siz: Thanks! :D You might have noticed that I tried to draw the same butterfly that is in the picture on my to-do list.. XD I don't think I can draw.. Well maybe I could if I copy from other pictures or drawings.. But I very rarely draw anything..
    I love butterflies!
    Yeah mum loved it .. :)

    Tinja: Yeah she was my mum, I don't think she was sad when I took that pic but .. she just look like she would have be :') I changed the picture though, I don't think my mum would be too happy if I kept the other picture of her.. Now she's not recognizable in the picture.. :)

  4. Ok :) It's Peppar&Papper, don't know if you have heard about it but it's in Swedish and it's free, you can find the mag everywhere in the city free to take :)

  5. yeah and it looks great :D
    I can't draw butterflies nicely.. they look soo stupid when I do 'em xD
    if you'd draw more often you could doo much more :) you're sure talented!

  6. Clare: Thanks, I think she had :)

    Tinja: Oh, never heard about that! Haven't seen those mags anywhere either.. :) Only 'free to take' mags I've seen are City, Metropoli, Sue.. Anyway, your new job sounds very interesting :D

    Siz: Thank youuu :D It just takes time.. I had to draw those wings like 100000000 times before they looked good enough! Thanks! Maybe.. I've lately thought about that, maybe I could be goot at anything if I just could be bothered or had time to practise! :D

  7. I'm sure you'd be good at drawin :) oh I really don't want to think bout my first faces xD.. I still can't draw noses LOL xD makes the faces look so weird O_o ^^ but I keep on trying and practising ... it's getting better with the time ;D

  8. Practising makes us all better at anything :)) Faces are very difficult though.. I don't like drawing faces.. But I can see the difference how I've got better (though haven't even practised a lot), I once drew a picture of Pate Mustajärvi (singer of finnish rock band), and 6 years after that I drew the same picture again... Sooo much better! I think I'm going to draw the same after 6 years again and see if I've still got better :'D

  9. xD well you could draw it in a few month again after practising :D it'll be better then again ^^
    haha when I keep looking through my map I always wonder how I could be able to draw the newer once xD coz they look so different and so much better than my first ones ^^


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