Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Jann Wilde @ Siipirikkorock on 22th May

It was great to go to a gig again which was a bit further than just in Tampere! I love travelling to other cities. My friend Nea's dad gave us a ride to Tampere, from where we went to Hämeenlinna by train, from Hämenlinna we drove to Turku by car with our another friend.

The gig was there, in Turku. And I loved it. As always.. I never get bored with going to Jann Wilde's gigs. Unfortunately they didn't play Picturesque Ballerina though, it's my favourite song from their new album Don't Play With The Flame On Your Hand. That song is so funny, I'd love to hear it live too! You can listen to Picturesque Ballerina, and also some other new songs on their myspace.

Here's some pictures from the gig. The lighting wasn't so good  for my camera, and I had some problems with the settings so the pictures aren't as good as I'd have wanted them to be..

Quite at the end of the gig, I noticed that zooming can be fun too!


  1. I listened some songs and it's good!
    Thx for sharing! By the way, I love the atmospher on the pic ;)

  2. cool :D
    <3 I'm so looking forward to finnaly go to a JW gig with u :D

    gigs are always great :D live I think is always better than just listening to CD :P

  3. Liloo: Thank you! I'm glad to hear you liked them! :) I think they're the best finnish band.

    Clare: Thanks!

    Siz: Yaaayy I'm so excited that we finally can go to a JW gig together!! Next month! So soon :DD
    Indeed, gigs are always great.. And definitely better than just listening to CD! Well, I love listening to CDs of Boy George and other artists whose gigs I just can't go (often).. But I very rarely listen to Jann Wilde's CDs. Of course I listen to them when I get them, to get familiar with the songs.. But I rather listen to them live! :D


  4. yeah :) I can't belive that it is so soon :D but it's so nice <33 finally we meet & we can go together to JW :D

    yeah but I have to listen more CD than I can go to gigs.. coz unfortunately I don'T listen to many bands from austria.. ok I think I only listen to one O_x
    and the others aren't touring that often here... and when I was in styria it was hard to find someone touring in styria so I could afford... =S but I sooo love gigs!
    getting familar with the songs before a gig is quite important I think... else we couldn't really sing along ;DD

  5. I can't believe it's true really, it will be a real surprise for me when you REALLY come here! It's so weird to think that we're really going to meet.. After being internet friends for about 2 years!

    Jann Wilde is actually the only finnish band I listen to. :D So I havet o listen to CDs a lot... Because my real favourites aren't from Finland.
    I love gigs too! Unfortunately my favourites never tour in Finland though.. But sometimes I can go to London and see them, at least Boy George :D
    Actually I've heard most songs at the gigs before CDs XD Jann Wilde's at least.. But I don't care really, I never sing along.. And actually, even though if you went to Jann Wilde's gig and never had heard any of their songs before, I'm sure they'd be familiar after hearing them once! Jann Wilde's songs always are like that... You hear a song once and then it's stuck in your head!

  6. yeah you're right it feels a bit unrealistic :D that it's goin to happan so soon... now finally after 2 years of talking on internet we can talk face to face (though I know I won't talk much at first... xD)

    oh my xDD you don't sing along? I so love that it's so hard for me to shut up and not sing along to songs I know and love :D honestly ^^
    so perhaps you're goin to hear me sing on the gig (;D though you perhaps won't hear much of my voice xDD)...

    :) somehow it seems that it's hard for us to go to many different gigs coz we don't listen to many bands coming from our country xDD
    but atleast you can go more often to gigs coz "your" band you listen too from your country.. is playing quite often... :)

  7. Indeed! It's great :D Finally we'll become real friends, not just internet friends :)) Hahah yeah, I won't talk much at first either... XD

    I never sing.. Not at gigs, not at home.. nowhere :D Yeah probably I won't hear much of your voice at the gig... Unless you sing right next to my ears XD

    Yeah, unfortunately.. I should live in UK so I could go to gigs :D
    True, Jann Wilde is playing quite often.. Luckily :)

  8. yeah it is :D ... and it doesn't matter that our first day will be a silent one :P at least we finally meet and we have to get used to seeing us in reality now xD

    whoa I really couldn't do that not singing at all ^^...
    but perhaps I try not to sing to close to your ear... x'D I don't want your ears to get any damage ;D
    (though well I don't know how bad or good I am xDD)

    yeah what about getting a 2nd personality ;DD one could live in UK and one still in suomi to not miss a gig of Jann ^^

  9. It's good that we both think like that so it's not so awkward.. If you were really outgoing etc, and talking all the time and I'd be soooo quiet when we met, it wouldn't be nice :D

    Hahah, don't damage my ears please, but if you ant, sing near my camera when I'm taking videos XD I could upload them on youtube and you could hear you! hahah!

    2nd personality would be nice if it was possible.. :D But I don't mind, having only one personality is perfectly fine too.. I can live without Jann Wilde's gigs when I'm living in London :)


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