Saturday, 5 June 2010

filling my closet

Mum is having her summer holiday too, so she's done lots of cleaning and organising at home. That's how she likes to spend her holidays.. Cleaning. Anyways, she found some clothes she had got years ago from my grandma's sister, who I've never met. Mum went through the clothes and throw most of them away, but saved some garments because she thought I might like them. Yeah, I love quite old-fashioned clothes. These are the garments what I'm going to wear someday:

Black long skirt, which I'm going to wear as a dress. I might also sew shoulder straps to it. This really looks nice as a dress, at least if I add a belt to give it more shape.

Those shirts actually remind me a bit of New Romantics. Maybe can't see it in these pictures but they're so loose and large.. Should just add some frills to them though. Or bows. Whatevers.
Pink is lovely colour. But it's been really forever since I've worn anything blue. I don't even own anything blue! But I think I should add more colours to my wardrope.. Somehow I've started to like blue a bit, don't know why, maybe because I've watched Michael James' videos on youtube lately and he looks fabulous with blue hair.

This long shirt is awesome, it's long enough to be used as a dress. Add a belt to give it a shape too and it's perfect. This colour isn't familiar to me either.. I've only worn red, pink and purple for the last few years. But I like this turqoiseish green colour.

And the last one.. I'm not going to wear this brown jacket. I don't like brown colour at all, it's fine if it's leopard pattern but otherwise, no thanks. But, I tried this jacket on and my sister & mum said it reminds of Boy George! Probably doesn't look like that in these pictures though.. But I wanted to save this jacket, maybe someday I'm going to need this for something.

I also got some other shirts but they weren't suitable colours for me.. White shirt with brown polka dots, black shirt with few brown stripes, long floral skirt which could be worn as a dress.. Not for me, thanks.

But really, my closet is so full! Especially the hanger part of my closet, there's no space for any new clothes. I'd really need a garment rack to my room!!

At the moment I'm watching Worried About The Boy, again. Taking still pictures, because I think tomorrow I might be trying some make up looks from that movie.


  1. I love that skirt! Its so cool!
    Your blog is great too!

    I'm having a giveaway over at my blog for followers so please come and join in!

    Love from

  2. nice things :D
    brown isn't "my" colour either XDD
    but I have to admit that this jacket looks nice.. perhaps you could die it another colour? ... :D then you sure wear it :D and you'd love it ^^

    nice idea to take a skirt as a dress :D sure looks nice! =D

  3. Aimee: Thank you!! I'm going to check out your blog in a minute! x

    Siz: Thanks :D I don't like brown at all.. Not in clothes or anywhere but EYES! I love brown eyes :DD That jacket is quite large though so I don't know if it would be wearable even if I dyed it.. Don't know yet :)
    At first I thought about making the skirt shorter and more wearable as I don't like long dresses, mostly they look quite grannyish.. But then I tried them as a dress and as they were just perfect size for a dress, I decided to leave them like it :) Dresses are even more comfortable and easy than skirts! x

  4. well boy used to wear big ones too XD okay I don't know how big it really is but if it's too big it doesn't sound that wearable.. so you won't have to die it ^^

    :D well it's good that you just decided to make smth different out of it xDD and not even have to change much :) though I'm sure a skirt would have looked nice though if you shortened it (I so know what you mean.. but some long skirts are fab! :D )

  5. Siz: Yeah that's true, he didn't wear any tight clothes either :'D But I don't think this looks nice on me.. Don't know what would it be like if I dyed it but at the moment I don't really like it, but I won't throw it away either.
    I don't even have to change anything when using that skirt aas a dress :) Yeah you're right, some long skirts are fab.. Mostly fab long ones I've seen are gothic skirts :) But I don't like this kind of simple boring black long skirt, or the other one I got which is floral print long skirt, they're quite grannyish as skirts..

  6. well you can use it incase you'd dress up as George ;)
    well it would be that colour you want it to be ^^ there are many possibilities you could also use such markes and draw smth on it :) just to get a B-Rude look :D so many possibilities ^^
    or save it incase you'd like to do something else or wear it someday :D

    yeah :D but those goth things are so expensive =S but so nice <3 ^^

  7. I like the brown jacket!thank you for your comment.

  8. Siz: You're right :'D So many possibilities... TOO many possibilities :D I'll save it and do something someday when I know what I want to do to it ^_^
    You're right, they're expensive :/ I wish we were rich girls and could buy everything we want <3 lol

    Imme: Thanks! I just wish the brown jacket would be the right size for me..


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