Thursday, 3 June 2010

shorts & new haircut

I never wear trousers, they're all too uncomfortable.. But I realised that shorts are nice! These are the shorts I made at school, the last garment I sewed there before my summer holiday started. These shorts succeeded so well, my teacher gave me almost highest score of these! Stipend for the best one of our class was given to me too.. I was so surprised, I didn't expect it at all! It's so amazing to hear that I'm good at what I love to do.

And, I got a new haircut and colour. Well, the haircut is almost like I used to have, long very layered hair and the left side is very short. I love red, but I wanted to have some easier colour now. I can't be bothered to dye my hair every second week anymore, which I had to do when I had red hair because it faded so fast. So my hair is now mostly black.. Though I didn't want to give up all the red yet. But yeah, I love my new hair. Black hair looks good with anything, so my hair is like demanding me to do lots of new make up experiments!


  1. whoa O_o you're shorts are great!! :D as usual you did a good job at sewing :DD

    and your hair O__O it looks so good with that red <33 love it!!
    it fits to you :) looks soo nice!!

  2. love your short and your hair are just amazing love it toooo much this is funky!
    Lots of love

  3. those shorts look great! The bow and buttons add really nice details to it. Your hair looks awesome too.

  4. Hi, i love your shorts, I love your hair, I love your style.... Gorgeous girl. You're inspiring me :)

    About my moms job... It's not *that* special and it's not that fancy as it might sound like, and i didn't mean to make it sound like that, but i understand your question :) Her position is hard to explain but I can ensure you that those invitations does not come everyday, but every once in a while she has a chance to get vip tickets etc and she makes sure to get them (because then i can be her avec haha) :D

  5. wow thats a cool design!!!and i love your hair...your piercing and everything...

  6. Siz: Thanks! :D I'm finally starting to believe that I can be good at something if I really want.. I'm just so going to miss the sewing machine I use at school, it's amazing! My home sewing machine sucks so I probably won't sew a lot before I go back to school :/
    And thanks again! I really like my hair too, now I can do make up looks with any colour I want without having to think if it looks good with red.. Well, I still have red in my hair but there's not so much of it so it doesn't matter. :D But still enough of red to make my hair look like me!

    Liloo: Thank youu!! :)

    muchlove: Thanks! At first I was going to add only buttons to these shorts, but after starting to sew the buttons I decided I need to add something girly to these shorts too, a bow make the shorts look more like me :)

    Clare: Thanks!

    Tinja: Thanks, thanks, thanks!! :) Same to you!
    Oh ok, sounds nice anyway! To get vip tickets etc ^_^ Hahah there's no such advantages of my mum's job.. Well, sometimes she might bring home some children's CDs or something else as interesting 8)

    Orchid: Thank you!!


  7. you're really good at sewing :) you really have to belive in yourself about that :D

    well BUT you're goin to sew :)
    and I already said to my mum that I'm goin to use her sewing machine in summer :D to sew a bag or a cape :) (you know a cape like vampires have ;D (but perhaps with a hoodie... well of course if I'm able to do that... xDD)

    yeah black goes with everything :D so you won't have to worry.. and with that red in it it looks soo good :) <33

  8. i like ur style. i hv my only one BEST FRIEND . she look like you omg haha, i must tell her :D
    we been bestfriend since elementary school and we soo opposite. i love girly things and she love rock things, im asian and she is white lol but we love our friendship ^^
    nice to meet you , ur face remind me of her :D

  9. Siz: Thank youu :) I still have lots to learn though..
    Cool, good luck and let me see how they turn out :D Cape, sounds good!! It shouldn't be so difficult.. Attaching a hoodie to a cap.. I'm sure you can do it :)
    Black is lovely and easy colour!

    ipehishere: Thank you!! :D Aww does your best friend have a blog or something? I'd love to see someone looking like me hahah :D Being opposites definitely isn't a barrier for a friendship :) Nice to meet you too, thanks for visiting my blog! x

  10. yeah but you can do so many things with your knowledge already :D
    and so nice clothes you've sewed already :D

    yeah I will show pix I hope it works and I hope I have time xDD haha... coz as it turned out my sister & my cousin want to do many things this summer ^^ so letz see if the summer isn't too short xDD

  11. That's true... :) I wish I had a good sewing machine at home too so I could sew a lot here.. But not yet :/ Taking a break from sewing till August, and focusing on the make up experiments instead :DD
    Yeah I saw your to-do list... So many things to do :') But someday you'll have time.. :D

  12. :D aww make-up experiments nice ^^
    but you could wish a better sewingmashine for birthday? ^^(don't know prices so xDD just givin you a tip ;D to get one)

    yeah I'm courius if I can do all ^^
    haha... besides ^^ soon there's goin to be a make-up post (next week.. the manga one I'm goin to try it!)

  13. thank you for following me =D
    the haircut looks great on you, you look really cute :D

  14. Siz: Yeah :)) Otherwise yes but my trip to London is my birthday present.. and I'm pretty sure I couldn't get them both. Sewing machines are quite expensive.. Actually haven't checked the prizes really but I know I don't want to get an ordinary home sewing machine, I already have one.. I want as good one as we have at school and they're more expensive for sure.. I think I might ask one as christmas present though ^_^
    Looking forward to see your manga make up ! :D

    Abby: And thank you for following me! :) And thanks for your nice words! x

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! Ive been trying to find someone to give me "hidden highlights" or "peekaboo" highlights but no one seems to understand what im talking about :\ ive been doing my own hair for a while now and im definately getting what i want. Your hair is total inspiration!

  16. Eye of the Beholder: Aww thank you!! :) I'm sorry to hear they don't understand what you want.. If you find a picture of what you want, you could show it to your hairdresser?? But yeah, doing your own hair is a great idea, at least you perfectly understand what you want! Though it might not be easy to achieve if you want something very different and you try to do it on your own..


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