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Taboo make up

I've wanted to see this musical for ages, but as it's not available in stores in Finland, I haven't been able to get it. I always have problems with ordering from abroad because I don't have a credit card and paypal doesn't work. A week or two ago I managed to order Taboo the musical DVD from SO DVDS, emailed them and asked if I could pay via bank transfer. And the delivery was very fast!

"Boy  George's hit new musical Taboo is glittering, funny and audacious spectacle celebrating the exotic fashions, the exuberant lifestyles and extraordinary characters of London's 1980's New Romantic movement in one of the most original and colourful musicals ever seen.

Taboo features 20 new songs written by Boy George alongside classic hits like Do You Really Want To Hurt Me and Karma Chameleon."

 I absolutely love this musical! The costumes are fabulous and the actors are amazing, + I love all the songs! Euan Morton (who played Boy George) has such a beautiful voice!

I wanted to recreate some looks from the musical too. The first one is Philip Sallon's make up. The actor who played him, Paul Baker, was wonderful, and hilarious! I think no one could have played Philip Sallon better than he did.

The second look I wanted to recreate, is one of Leigh Bowery's looks. Boy George as an actor.. Amazing!
To recreate Leigh Bowery's looks I'd have needed face paints rather than make up products though. Unfortunately I don't have face paints, so I decided to do this make up look but exclude the green face and orange spots.

Products used:

Philip Sallon make up:
Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001 
Luminelle - black kohl
Laboratoires Contapharm - eye care maquillage blue liner
Markwins International - blue eyeshadow
Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 eyeshadow
Leigh Bowery make up:
Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001 
Lumene studio - blue eye pencil
Luminelle - Péché mignon eyeshadow amande vanille
Markwins International - black eyeliner
Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 eyeshadow
Markwins International - red lip liner 
Laboratoires Contapharm - eye care maquillage white liner
Grimas - eyeshadow rouge 544 
Rimmel London - colour rush duo eyeshadow 621 brit cool
Markwins International - lipstick

Few songs from Taboo:
Paul Baker - Ode To Attention Seekers
Euan Morton - Stranger In This World
Boy George - Ich Bin Kunst
Euan Morton & Luke Evans - Pie In The Sky


  1. Wow! Lady, those are two awesome make up recreations!

  2. wow love those make up looks =D
    and thanks for your comment ^^
    be free to comment more and follow =D

  3. love the dark lips.

    xo nancy

  4. oh wow u are like super cool, very unik and cool. Thank for commenting and following, Imgonna follow u too =)

  5. Bravo! These are so inspiring. ^_^

  6. Pili: Thanks!

    Abby Vicious: Thanks & you're welcome :D I already started following you but accidentally not publically, but I'm going to change that :)

    Nancy: Thanks! It's black kohl and stays better than lipstick.

    Amandita: Aww thank you!! :)

    Clare: Thanks!

    T, the Bee: Thank you ^_^

  7. Lol. I'm not in school anymore, but i have final exams so i'm taking extra classes, but it's only like two hours a day ^^ you should try sushi it's amazing lol and about the "lady gaga" dress i guess i was just very lucky haha =D

  8. Abby: Oh ok, two hours a day isn't that bad :) Maybe someday I'll try it, lol.. You really were lucky, I love that dress :D x

  9. omg, i love that make up!

  10. whoa O_______O
    these look sooo fantastic... you did such a good work... so pretty... I like it so much! :D

    btw ^^ how's that musical? it's sure so great u watched it over and over again?!!

  11. Sirpa: Thanks! :)

    Siz: Thank youuuu :DD The musical is amazing, I love it! Just like I wrote in the beginning of this post too.. But yeah, I've already watched it two times :D + listened to it few times.. The whole DVDs :') It's weird, I've seen the musical only twice, but when I was doing these make up looks in my room and listening to the DVD, I could clearly remember how did it look like :o But yeah, I highly recommend you to buy and watch it too!! ^_^

  12. Kai sä menit näillä meikeillä vielä ruokakauppaan? :P

  13. love it! Blue eyebrows are awesome!

    I should really see this musical.

  14. yeah I'm soo wanting this :D
    I'm sure you could remember it's just like me & rocky horror xD haha it's really the same ^^
    oh reminds me on I wanted to do a Frank'n'Further make-up look ^^
    that needs to be done too ^^ haha perhaps right after manga style :D

  15. Thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate that. You are such a lovely person <3 I'm glad you are happy with the school you are at! ps. the church thing was just a metaphor... :)

  16. Mirette: Hahah, en nyt tällä kertaa :D

    Glowing Doll: Thank you! Yeah, I highly recommend to watch this musical, it's amazing!

    Siz: If you can't find it in stores in Austria, I'd recommend SODVDS where I bought it from.. I'm extremely happy with the service and delivery and everything and it wasn't even too expensive! ^_^ Hahah yeah probably me & Taboo are like you & Rocky horror.. XD Oh as you said it... That's the make up I talked about I'm going to do next :'D Frank'n'Furter make up look.. Watching Taboo made me think of it XD Because these two are the only musicals I've ever seen..

    Tinja: Aww, thank you! You're such a lovely, amazing person too ♥ I'm so glad I've met a girl like you here :)

  17. yeah I know one shop where I could ask first if they can order it :D
    (why didn't I think of that earlier?)

    well perhaps if I know taboo it'll be for me too like rocky horror ^^ and then I'll have two most used dvds haha!
    oh those are the only (film)musicals you've seen?... you have to see hairspray! it's so funny! :D

    but musicals not from DVD are more fun :D I saw Lion King in London <3 it was soo good!
    and Rocky Horror in Vienna...
    I so want to see Rocky Horror again... Lion King again would be so nice too ...<3

    btw ;D I'm so looking forwards to the Frank'n'Furter Make-UP

  18. Hey there,
    go ahead and enter the giveaway. enter the age as well. as long as if you are the winner, that you state that your parents have given you the permission to release your address to me. thanks !

  19. gorgoeuos make ups! maybe you should upload some podcasts about how to make such a dramatic look? that would be great!

  20. Siz: Yeah, ask :) I'm sure you'd love this musical!
    And yeah, these are the only ones I've seen.. Thanks for the suggestion, I think I'm going to watch Hairspray someday when I have extra time.. If I can watch it somewhere online :)
    Lion King, awwww :D I'd like to see Rocky Horror Picture Show too.. I just checked their tour dates but they're far from London when I go there :( But the best of all would be to see Taboo live ♥__♥
    I've done Frank'n'Furter make up! Going to post it later today :))

    eleventhofapril: Thank you! I'm going to enter.

    Lecon de vetement: Thanks! They're cool.. Covered my own eyebrows quite well! Even my sister asked if I've shaved them..

    Martwa Marta: Thank you!! Just tell what make up you'd like to see and I could try to make a picture tutorial? :)

  21. :D yeah you definitely need to watch it when you get the chance but I remember it wasn't cheap ... the tickets (1st row ;D ) for Rocky HOrror... was 75€ ...
    Lionking was so fantastic :D ...
    Taboo live :D if you get once the chance you definitely have to go!... :D sure it must be fab!

    I'm so looking forward to that Frank'n'Furter Make-up ^^ sure it's a great one :D as usual! =)

  22. Siz: I kind of have a chance to go to see it in October but it would be extremely expensive.. Not only the ticket for the show but the train from London to another city in UK, they weren't so near it :/
    Taboo would be PERFECT! But I don't think they'll do live shows anymore...
    Frank'n'Furter make up is on my blog already! :)

  23. well train & ticket must be very expensive... as I said I've paid 75€ only for one ticket... and at that time I needed to go by train so it got really really expensive.. =(
    but it was worth it :D
    I have no idea how expensve it is near london but you only should go if you can afford :)
    and incase you can't see it live ^^ there's still the DVD ;D which is fantastic! ^^

    yeah I don't know I always kept thinkin Rocky Horror wouldn't be doing shows anymore xDD and suddenly I've seen that they're goin to do some :) so let's be waiting ^^ perhaps taboo is goin to do some shows too (sometime) :D


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