Tuesday, 8 June 2010

pink, purple and blue make up

I love my new black hair! It looks good with all colours so it inspires me to try more different make up looks.

This pink, purple and blue make up look is actually the most natural look I've done so far, apart from my everyday make up look which I'm also going to show someday. And this is the first look I did without learning from pictures! I just went to my room, sat in front of my mirror, took my make up products and started to apply make up without knowing first what I'm going to do. Today I also learned that eyeshadows really are deeper and brighter when I use wet applicators! Well, I've known it earlier, but today was the first time I actually tried it.

Even my brother told me he thinks this make up looks nice! Usually my family members just roll their eyes when they see my different make up looks.

Products used:
Wet N' Wild - ultimate minerals powder foundation
Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
Bella Oggi - pocket colour powder eyeshadow
Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 eyeshadow
Rimmel London - colour rush duo eyeshadow 621 brit cool
Laboratoires Contapharm - eye care maquillage blue liner
Luminelle - Péché mignon eyeshadow amande vanille
Oriflame - 500% volume mascara
Grimas - eyeshadow rouge 544
Markwins International - Plum'n lip gloss


  1. whoa this looks good :)
    and you finally tried vet shadow?.. nice! :D
    from those pruducts I only know Rimmel London xDD
    and Bobby Brown only by name

    it's definitely a wearable look for shopping etc :D fantastic!

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhh Jonna, this is a great combo and such good look! Love it, you are gorgeous :)

  3. Siz: Thanks! Yeah, I finally tried wet eyeshadow.. And definitely noticed the difference! :D
    I also added 'products used' list to the Worried About The Make Up post.. I wanna show people that you don't have to have any great famous expensive make up brands to create amazing make up looks. Even though I'd still love to have MAC or Illamasqua or something... :D
    To be honest, I don't know all of those brands I used either XD Like Laboratoires Contapharm and Bella Oggi... Never heard before today.. :'D It was actually quite nice experience to check the brands I used! It's weird that I've never even checked the brands & names of the products I use.. hahah.
    Yeah, this make up look is very wearable :) It's nice to do wearable make up looks sometimes too! Not always such manga make ups etc.. ^_^

    liloo: Merci!! :)

  4. well uhm I do know my brands coz it often the same brand I'm buying.. xDD
    but I don't know every brand ^^ I'm using...

    oh nce I have to look at what you used for this one :D

    so ture noone need that expensive stuff to make nice things :)
    and we can proove it :D

    yeah it's nice to do some wearable things but the others I think are a bit more fun :P
    like my mad hatter make-up :D I think I'm goin to do that again and try to make the mad hatter hat :) (I also saw some nice tutorial to do the clothes!)... so yeah :D

  5. Love the combo! Yep, black hair makes it easier to pull of some looks.

  6. Siz: I've never cared about the brands.. Not the make up or the clothes.. :') So I haven't paid any attention to brands either.
    I really like using cheap stuff but still I'm for sure going to buy MAC & illamasqua etc when I go to London in October, I really want to try make up products by those brands.. :D
    You're right, the non-wearable extreme make up looks are much more fun to do :) But still, sometimes it's nice to do wearable looks too so you can use different looks for an every day make up.. And yeah sounds good, looking forward to see your new mad hatter make up with the hat :D

    melina bee: Thank you! Me too :)

    Clare: Thanks!

    BLIX: Thank you! Indeed.. I don't know how I lived for so long with the red hair ^_^

  7. OMG jonna yoo are so funky i love yoo!!!i totally undrstnd how family members react to yoo being different...been there myself...

    love this make up on yoo for sure...yoo look very pretty.and i love how yoo are...

  8. aww huge eyes.! *jealous* lol
    hehe u hv beautiful eyes :D
    the purple eyeshadow is bobby brown or rimmel ? :)

  9. Orchid: Thanks so much for that sweet comment!! You're gorgeous!

    ipehishere: Aww thanks :D The purple eyeshadow is rimmel, and so is the pink one. It's a duo palette like this . Seems like that the same colour isn't available on the Rimmel uk site though. My black eye shadow which I used for the eyebrows is Bobby Brown :)

  10. Really nice job! Haha my mom & brother usually are amused of my make-up and laugh lol. But they are just joking, so it's okay :D I love being creative, sometimes I also just start doing something without knowing what I'm about to do :D

  11. yeah I hope so.. that I'm able to do the hat & perhaps clothes :D

    well never paid attention to brands in clothes or make-up either but I usually buy my stuff at the same store... and there is the cheapest brand always the same xD... so I totally know that brand ^^ though it's some cheap thing xD

    hm... I think I should add what I've used too to my posts too :D...


    Tinja: Thanks! :) Aww, it's good that we can entertain our family members with our make up looks.. hahah. :D Being creative is great! And also seeing others being creative ^_^ Yeah sometimes it's fun to just start doing something without knowing and then be surprised how it ends up..

    nisa-chan: Thank you :) Me too!

    Siz: You're able to do anything you want, for sure :) Nice.. I always buy my make up at random stores, or I get make up from my mum so I have no idea where she has bought them.. So most of my make up products are from different brands :') As you can see when you read my products used list.. Not the same mentioned for many times :D
    Yeah, good idea! Would be great if if you add what products you used too.. I'd love to learn about different brands :)

  13. Jonna! I looveee it! It looks super fabulous.


  14. yeah :)
    well here it is I don't know many stores which sell really cheap make-up and well not every brand is good (remember the pencils I talked about?) but that brand which I buy the most is really a good one :)
    well my mum doesn't go and get me some make-up things ^^ incase we're at some store and I see a make-up thing I'd like to have she would buy it ^^ but that's the only way I can get make up by my mum xD

  15. I really love this look... AWESOME with your bright eyes! AND... me loves your hair - makes me think of an anime character (a good thing).

  16. Bec: Thank youu! :)

    Siz: Yeah, why would even try other brands if you've already found a brand that you like, cheap but good products :) Well I don't get so much make up from my mum either, I got some make up kit as a christmas present, then those make up pencils I blogged about, at the moment I'm also using mascaras she bought for herself because my own is finished.. But she doesn't just go and buy make up things for me either ^_^

    T, the Bee: Aww thanks! Anime character?? that's cool :D

  17. very cute piercing!


  18. :) well true why should I go and search ^^ for other products but I always look out too xDD haha...
    coz perhaps I find something this brand I'm often buying doesn't have ^^

    cool a make-up kit ^^ sure had fantastic things in :D

  19. Nancy: Thanks!

    Siz: Yeah :D Well of course it's fun to look out even though you already have found a g ood brands.. As you said, they might have something this brand doesn't have.. And trying different things & products is always fun too ^_^
    Yeah the make up kit had some fantastic things in.. All Markwins International products I'm using are from this kit. Some nice eyeshadows and pencils, + most of my lipsticks are from that kit too.. + The best nail polishes I have too ^_^

  20. :D yeah it's so much fun ^^ I too have so much different kind of brands but well ^^ most of the time I buy the same xD

    aww.. sounds nice :D
    I once saw a make-up kit in a lipcase ^^ it was a bag that lip and it looked so cool but when I wanted to buy it I couldn't find it anymore! =( ... so sad!

  21. Love the pink shadow on you it looks great with your eye color

  22. Siz: Cool :) I haven't yet found a brand which I'd like to buy mostly..
    Aww :/ It's that if we find something we want, we should buy it immediately... As we've talked about it before too :/ And last night I found quite cheap make up palette with 10 different bright colours, there was blue, purple, red, green, orange, yellow.... etc. Only less than 6€, and free delivery + it was a place where I could order too because no credit card required. Well, I went to that site today and thought I'm going to order that... But, it was already out of stock O_o Just my luck. Would have needed some of those colours now so I can do more make up experiments, and haven't got all them yet.. And it would have been so cheap too so I could have allowed myself to buy it :( As I'm still saving.. So I can buy lots of clothes and make up products when I go to London :D

    Alee: Thank you! I was quite surprised how good it looks.. As I haven't used pink eyeshadow before :)

  23. so true... XD but somehow we do that often... ^^
    perhaps they get that make-up thing in again?... sure you'll find something similar anywhere :)

  24. Siz: You're right... We seem to never learn from our mistakes XD I don't think they'll get that make up thing again.. If they would, they probably would have written something like "out of stock temporarily" or something.. But they removed the whole item from their site :/ But, I found something quite similar and you can see it on my newest post :D

  25. well xDD it would be good if we'd learn but we don't haha...
    hey but those hello kitty things are nice :D and cheap! ^^ so you didn't miss so much?!...

  26. Absolutely wonderful, very feminine:) i love it all:)


  27. Siz: I hope we'll someday learn.. :'D You're right! I didn't miss so much as I got the Hello Kitty things :)

    Adm: Thank you!! :)


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