Thursday, 3 June 2010

Blog Awards

I've received 3 blog awards from some of my favourite bloggers. Thanks so much Tinja, Bec and Liloo!! :)

The first one I got from Tinja. She gave this Blog Love Award to me ages ago but it wasn't until now when I got around mentioning it here.. Check out her lovely blog! This girl has such a great style!

The second one, Sweet Blog Award, was given to me by Bec. Check out her awesome blog! She's so talented especially with manicures!
Last but not least, I got a Stylish Blogger Award from Liloo. Check out her amazing blog as well! She's very talented with make up!

For this Stylish Blogger Award, you list 5 random facts, and then nominate 5 bloggers.
So here are some random facts about me:

1. I'm going to move to London after graduating.
2. I'm attracted to guys with make up.
3. I've never used MAC, but I'd love to! They don't sell that make up brand in Finland, unfortunately..
4. I'm very shy and quiet. but when you get to know me better, I won't shut up!
5. I love sitting in the car, but I don't want to get a driving license.

For the Stylish Blogger Award I'm tagging these amazing bloggers:

Glitter Is My Crack
Bec's Beauty Buzz
Yours Truly Forevermore, Brangwen



  1. Thank you for tagging me, you sweetie!

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. congratulations :D

    & thanks for tagging me
    I feel honored to be tagged by you :D

  3. Wow, thanks so much honey! <3

    People think I'm quiet but they who know me wish I was. :D I've dreamed of moving to LA... We are really alike in #3 and #5. I love to sit in a car/bus/train for hours, it's so cozy. And I have heard so many wonderful things about MAC but it's not avaible here...

    Now it's gonna be hard to choose the next five bloggers... It was already hard the first time! :D

  4. thanks for your comment!!
    if you want to ride my blog only you have to make click in "translate" and select your language (english).
    very kisses!

  5. Wow! Congratulations and thank you!

  6. Clare: You're welcome! You so deserve it.. Your blog is amazing!

    Siz: Thank you and you're welcome! :D Of course I tagged you.. Your blog is one of my favourite blogs and for the first months when we started blogging it was kind of "our thing" as no one else commented or anything here :D

    Tinja: You're welcome ♥ That's probably quite common.. That people give the impression that they're quiet but when you get to know them, they're sooo talkative :D Are you someday going to make your dreams come true and really move to LA? Yeah, it's so cozy and wonderful to sit in the car/bus/train for hours.. Either with friends and have fun, or just alone deep in your thoughts :D In planes I don't like sitting though, I keep thinking the plane will crash! lol.
    Same here, I've heard so many awesome things about MAC and most of the people who are really talented with make up are using MAC too and praising it and I'd love to try it too! Wish it was available in Finland too :/
    Good luck with choosing the next five bloggers ;) It's really difficult, as there's so many wonderful blogs! These tagging things would be much easier if they were like "tag every blog you're following" so we wouldn't have to choose :)

    Tere: Oh, I checked it out now and translated, wow and it works! Somehow I thought translation by google would suck.. Just like google translator, never translates things right. But yeah, now I can start following you!

    BLIX: Thank you and you're welcome! Love your blog!


  7. true :) but it still is "our" thing ;D as we still keep on commenting everywhere ^^ ...

    thanks :) I so love your blog I think it's my absolute favorite :D

  8. Siz: You're right.. It's still "our" thing! :D But it's a bit different now, as some other people read my blog too.. So writing a blog posts isn't exactly the same as it used to be.. When writing a blog post was like writing only to you :D
    You're welcome and THANK YOU :)) I love your blog really but I love some other blogs too, can't say what's my absolute favourite because they're all as wonderful :D x

  9. yeah :) true
    I don't think you've changed something about writing your posts :) it seems like it's the same though you're not writing anymore to me alone ^^ (I'm sure there were some "quiet" readers though ;D)
    but perhaps it feels different to you... don't know :)

  10. Siz: I haven't changed anything.. I still write like I used to write before. :D So it's the same though I'm not writing to you alone.. But it's not "our" thing alone anymore cuz there's other readers too, you know what I mean? :D

  11. yeah I know :D
    you know have to answer more comments ;D

  12. Siz: True.. :) But, you're the only one who comes back and reads what I've replied :D I'd be in trouble if everyone talked as much as you.. Even though I'd love it, I'd have absolutely no time enough :'D

  13. haha that's true ^^
    lol well :) I think I don't talk that much when I'm speaking (I'm not sure xDD)... ^^ but I like writing so much


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