Friday, 4 June 2010

second hand finds #2

Few days ago I went to flea market with my mum. She didn't want to go to Tampere, though the flea markets are much better there. Anyway, in the small flea market in Nokia she bought me these few items:

Black jacket. It's good jacket for cool summer nights, or warm autumn/spring days. I haven't had a jacket for quite warm days, all my jackets are either winter jackets or leather jacket.

 Black, long vest. I actually like this more than I like my shorter black vest. This fits me better and I prefer vests to be either long or very short, not middle lenght.

 Photo frame. I joked that I want this, and mum took it seriously and bought this. It's a funny photo frame.. I asked mum what photo should I put to it, and she suggested a picture of Boy George. This picture of Boy George is taken by me, when I was at his concert in January 2008. It's a prove that dreams can come true.

I'm usually very strict with my money when I'm saving for something.. And at the moment I'm saving for my trip to London in October. But, as I got the stipend from school which was very unexpected income, I allowed myself to go to flea markets in Tampere next day and take a break from saving. And these are my hauls:

Top. Just a cute pink top with sequins.

Silver/black striped vest. Yeah, I have an obsession for silvery fabric.

A corset. I've always wanted a corset, but they're so expensive and I'm not sure if I'd like them enough so they'd be worth that money.. But I found this one, it's like an underwear corset, and happened to be just perfect size for me and not expensive. And it feels so comfortable! Normally I wouldn't buy any lingerie in the flea markets, but this was never used, even the prize and size tags were still attached to it.

UK ELLE magazine, 2009. I love to read fashion magazines in english, and finally found few of them in the flea market. Bought only one though. London calling.. Of course I chose this one, the cover was the most attracting. I love looking at the pictures in the fashion magazines..

Nancy, a memoir of Nancy Spungen's mum. I've read this book years ago, but I wanted to buy it because it was so cheap and I'd like to read it again.


  1. O___________O I want that frame toooo XDD... such a pretty frame!! O_x
    and your findings wow! those clothes are so nice!!... pretty!! ...
    oh my but the frame O_o whoa! xDD
    I think I definitely fell in love with that frame! ^^

    yeah fashion mags are fabulous and inspiring.. :)

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    Have a great weekend!

  3. Lovely finds darling <3 The blazer was such a great find from a flea, it looks to be in a good condition. i love all long versions, so the vest is really nice! and oh that photo frame! so feminine <3

    oooooh a corset!! lucky you, have never found a corset on a flea. damn. love it.

    thanks for you wonderful comment <3

  4. Siz: Awww Siz your comment made me laugh :DD You really seem to like that frame a lot XD It's such a funny frame and I think that picture of Boy George makes it even funnier! lol. Thank youuu! Heey I know, you have to add flea markets to our to-do list too! :D

    Ashley: Thanks for the comment and following! I'll check out your blog too! Thanks, have a fabulous weekend you too! xx

    Tinja: Thank youu! Yeah, the blazer was a great find.. It's from H&M blazer and looks like no one has ever worn it, it's in so good condition + it costed only 3€!
    Wow, you should have went to flea markets in Tampere few days ago! There was MANY corsets.. I was surprised, as I haven't seen them on fleas before either!
    And you're welcome, you deserve all wonderful comments because you are wonderful and so is your blog too! ♥ xx

  5. true I'll add it :D flea-markets are on the list :D
    xDD well yes I fell in love with that frame.. do you think I'd be talented enough to copy it and make my own..somehow xDD ?

    oh and Boy George in that frame is a good choice :D I think the best that could've done with that ^^

  6. cute frame!!! 0.0
    i want it badly lol
    hey i love ur picss what camera u using ? :)

  7. Siz: Great :) I have to find out where's otehr flea markets in Tampere.. I only know two and I'm sure there's lots of more too :D
    Well I don't know, you can try :D But I'd have no idea how to make a frame like that XD But wow, if you can!! :D
    Hahahah yeah, George fits so well in that feminine frame.. hahah :) I could have added another pic of him though, like the one I'm, having as the background picture of my phone at the moment lol, he's wearing that green dress I showed you XD But we don't have ink in your printer at the moment so I had to use a picture I already have..

    ipehishere: Thank youu :D Hahah everyone seem to love that frame ^_^ The camera I'm using is Sony DSC-H3 . I've had it for more than 2 years and I love it :)

  8. yeah maybe there are more than 2 :D

    oh I have to try and incase it works I'm gonna upload a picture of it :D
    (but I have no clue if I'm able to do it ^^)... I could try to make one when I'm next home I think I have some things at home to use ^^

    well but you can change the picture as often as you want :D soo ^^ it doesn't matter :P

    I have Boy as Wallpaper on my laptop ^^ it's a nice picture where he is wearing red :D
    (perhaps I'm goin to recreate that make-up look of that pic too ^^ )

    Did I tell you that I once drew BG in that costume?

  9. Hey! :) Thanks so much for following me. Your blog looks amazing so far, I can't wait to see more exciting posts in the future from you!
    I had a blog before but I haven't used it in forever so I decided to get into it all again. I'm just getting this one started, but I'd love if you continued following my page in the future as it gets more interesting. <3 Have a great day hun

  10. Siz: Yeah I'm sure there's more than 2.. Tampere is quite big city, why would tehre be only two :D Actually I've already saw the third one.. But didn't went in but at least I know it's there. :')
    Yeah, try it & post a picture! I'm extremely itnerested to see that :D
    You're right.. I can change the picture whenever I want!
    Cool.. I have picture of George as wallpaper on my computer too, actually two pictures which I attached together :D
    There's so many pictures of Boy George with very inspiring make up looks I'd love to recreate too ^__^
    Wow you drew it?? Show it? :D

    FashionGirl: Hey! Aww you're welcome! Thank YOU for following me :) Without it I probably wouldn't have found your blog! And thank you! I'm happy to hear you like my blog :) Yeah it probably feels better to start all over again with a new blog than to continue the blog you haven't used in forever.. But yeah I'm definitely going to continue following your blog :) Have a great day you too!! ♥ x

  11. that frame is fabulous!!!

    I wanted to read the book about Nancy for ages!!!

    xo Michaela

  12. RUBIA ARGYI: Thank you! :) I'm happy to hear that you like!

    Michaela: Yeah, it is fab! And I highly recommend to read the book about Nancy.. It's amazing book! I just read it. It's so touching..

  13. Second hand finds are the best! You always get the best stuff, awesome finds!

  14. Eye of the Beholder: You're right, second hand finds are the best! Thanks :) I'm very happy with these finds..


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