Friday, 18 June 2010

H&M make up haul

Today I accidentally figured out that my eyeshadows stay lots of better and longer when I use concealer as a base. But as my concealer is almost finished, I went to buy a new one at H&M. But I left the shop with something else than only the concealer...

Hello Kitty - Kitty Beach Party eyeshadow palette. I wanted to buy this palette, because I really don't have many eyeshadows and I don't have yellow or orange at all.. And I thought I want to have all colours available when I'm doing make up experiments. I'm actually quite surprised how pigmented these colours are, and I didn't even use wet applicators when I did the swatches! These colours are shimmery, don't know if it shows in the pictures though. The blue and purple one are my favourites! This palette wasn't on sale, and it costed 4.95€.

There was many products on sale at H&M, and I just can't say no when I see 1€ prize tags.. All these products I'm going to show next, they were only 1€/each!

Hello Kitty - Kitty Garden eyeshadow palette. These eyeshadows are shimmery too, but not as pigmented as the colours on the palette above. Probably they'll be better when I use them wet.

Hello Kitty - strawberry love lipgloss. Cute, shimmery lipgloss, smells quite nice.

Hello Kitty mirror. I've lived without little mirror for a looong time, since I lost my powder which had a mirror in it. So I wanted to buy a mirror now, and this one is very cute.

Vanillasorbet lip balm. The only product I bough which wasn't Hello Kitty! Though, at first I almost bought Hello Kitty lip balm but then I decided to take this one instead. I've used only Vaseline for so long and I wanted something else for my lips! I read the ingredients list and it doesn't involve lanolin which is good, as i'm trying to avoid it. There's been something wrong with my lips occasionally and my doctor told me to avoid lanolin in lipbalms because it might cause allergy.

It feels so nice to buy something for myself sometimes. I've always been so strict when I'm saving money for something.. But I guess I could allow myself to spend few euros every now and then, I'm sure I'm still going to have enough money for shopping in October when I go to London.


  1. oh the first palette looks really pigmented, naaw the Hello kitty make up by HM are always so cute... I think its good that you are saving money for London, imagine all the stuff you can get there, but its always nice to buy stuff to oneself =)

  2. I love Hello Kitty - they are bringing out Hello Kitty Doc Martens! :D Have you been to London shopping before? If not go to Portobello Road and Camden for fun things and vintage stuff :)

  3. Pretty things, I can't believe they're so cheap! Yay for you coming to London!

    Thanks for entering my competition!

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. amazing that make up...

  5. Thank you so much for all your nice comments! :)
    And H&M cosmetics are so great, i mean if we can´t afford the epensive ones that we can go from time to time there and allow ourselfs to buy some pretty items ;)
    And the hello kitty things are so cute! I think i should visit my local h&m soon and have a look at them ;)

  6. how cute are tghese olors assoso good loving them
    Do enter the contest I am conducting now on my blog.

  7. So nice of you! looove the palette
    Thank you so much for your nice comment. You're so nice.
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  8. i saw these in h&m today! i love the mirror <3

  9. Damn the palette look really pigmented!!!
    Can't wait to see a look with it ;)
    Great haul!
    Thx for sharing :)

  10. Amandita: Yeah, I was so surprised when I tried it.. I didn't except it to be so pigmented as it was so cheap too :o Yeah the Hello kitty make up products are so cute! That's what I've been imagining a lot... What amazing stuff I can get there! Awesome clothes and make up products by brands that aren't available here.. :D But I've noticed that it's nice to take a little break from saving sometimes and have some fun bying something for myself!

    Robyn: Yeah I heard, I saw some pictures of the shoes from that collection and wow, they're so cute! :D I've been in London twice, done some shopping too though I haven't focused on it a lot.. The first trip was like all about Boy George, that's the whole reason why I even went there, and the second time there was Boy George gig again + most of the time I was seeing some friends I had only met on facebook.. But this time I think we're going to shop lots of more :) In Camden I've been few times and it's amazing.. There's gorgeous looking people :D Definitely going to go there again ,and also to Portobello Road where I actually haven't ever been before.. Thanks for the tips! :)

    Clare: I couldn't believe it either.. :o Indeed, YAY! I LOVE London ♥ Thank YOU for doing the giveaway and giving us a chance to win such amazing prizes!

    Lili: Amazing and very cheap! :)

    Christina: You're welcome! :) I'm glad I found your blog, I really like it! You're right, the H&M cosmetics are great.. And so cheap! :D Yeah they're very cute, go and have a look! :)

    Sahi: Yeah! :) I might enter!

    johanna: The first palette is very nice, many surprisingly pigmented colours and sooo cheap!
    And you're welcome! Nice blogs deserve nice comments :)

    elfpixie: Nice! Yeah the mirror is cute :)

    liloo: It does!! So cheap palette and so pigmented even when used as dry! :o I'm sure you don't have to wait for too long to se a look with it ... ^_^ I'm very excited to try it!


  11. Wow! That palette has a lot of beautiful colors!!

  12. Ooooo, the purple on the palette is so pretty! I want it! :D

  13. wow great findings :D so cheap! and nice!! :D seems like I should go into H&M next time I'm goin shopping XDD
    btw I think Hello Kitty is cute :D I do have a stuffed Hello Kitty :)

    oh and ... HOw could you've been so long without mini mirror? xD... I couln't have been without any mini mirror at all! xDD

  14. Anastacia: Indeed! :D

    Julissa: It is pretty :D Go to your nearest H&M store and buy it ;)

    Siz: Yeah! Very cheap.. And surprisignly good quality too :D Yeah I recommend you to go to H&M.. You can make nice cheap make up finds there :D Hello Kitty is cute! Aww :)
    I don't know how! :o Well, I rarely go anywhere so.. I can always use big mirrors at home lol! But now I have this cute Hello Kitty mini mirror ^__^

  15. Aww that's so cute!

  16. Tinja: Yeah! Cute and cheap :)

  17. the hello kitty mirror is so cute

    where from?

    shukura x

  18. Thank you so much Jonna! I love this Hello Kitty make up ! Soo cute!

    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  19. Good stuff you got =D
    it's funny, here in Portugal HandM has the exact same sales xD
    i saw those hello kitty products on 1 euro too xD
    i didn't get them but i did get a huge make up bag for only 3 euros =D

  20. Shukura: Yeah it is cute :) Where from me or the mirror? lol. Finland, H&M :D

    Johanna: You're welcome! :) Yeah I love it too!

    Abby: Indeed :D Maybe these sales are worldwide.. Hahah :D Cool! I'd need a make up bag too.. Well not a bag but some boxes or something where to keep my make up :o


  21. yeah I need to take a look at those H&M make-up things ^^
    xDD I always do my make-up with a mini mirror O_o I hardly ever do it with a big mirror xDD... ^^
    so I really would've died without such mini mirror xDD

  22. eu adorei essa make da Hello Kit, principalmente o gloss.
    eu adorei seu blog!!! muito lindo!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  23. I love Hello Kitty!! :) I've never tried the makeup thought, looks very nice! So pretty! I hope I can find some here in Winnipeg hehe

  24. Siz: Yeah, take a look :) Now is a good time as it seems like sale is everywhere!
    You always do your make up with a mini mirror?? O_o Wow.. I ALWAYS do it with a big mirror, it's much easier :D And as I've tried it... I can live easily without a mini mirror XD

    Luíza: Thanks for your comment, I don't know what language is that but actually I understood most of that comment :D

    FashionGirl: Me too! :) If there's H&M stores in Winnipeg, I'm quite sure you could find Hello Kitty make up there :D

  25. yeah I always use mini mirror somehow it's a bit difficult to me using a big one O_o coz I'm not used to it xDD...

  26. its a cute haul ><
    i love that hello kitty!!!!

  27. Siz: Weird :D It's just what we're used to.. XD I've NEVER done my make up with mini mirror!

    ipehishere: Yeah I know.. very cute :D I love Hello Kitty too!


  28. I like saving money too. But I agree, it's nice to treat yourself once in a while. Feels wonderful and all girls deserve it.
    The HK stuff looks so cute!


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