Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer make up

If I can't be beautiful, I'd rather just die ..

Beauty Killer is absolutely one of my favourite songs from Jeffree Star.. And the video, it's so simple but yet amazing! Jeffree looks FIERCE and I love his make up in this video!

And yeah, I wanted to try to recreate his make up look from the video!

I don't have any products like wax or something for covering the eyebrows, I just used white kohl to cover them. So, they're not perfectly covered.. I could have edited the pictures and make them perfect but I thought it would be better to show them how they really are so you can see how good this kohl is for covering eyebrows.

I also had some problems with taking the pictures, when I took pictures without flash as I usually do, the purple colour didn't show up in the pictures. And with flash the pink colour on my eyelids somehow disappeared. I wish you could see this make up how it was in the real life but well.. Nothing ever looks as good in the pictures as it looks in the mirror.

Products used:
Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
Laboratoires Contapharm - eye care maquillage white liner
Markwins International - lip line
H&M - Kitty Beach Party white eyeshadow
See U - Dual Eyeshadow fashion colour
Rimmel London - colour rush duo eyeshadow 621 brit cool
Markwins International - eyeshadow
Bella Oggi - pocket colour white powder eyeshadow 
Luminelle - Péché mignon eyeshadow amande vanille
Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 black eyeshadow
Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara
Markwins International - lipstick


  1. really creativ, like this kind of look :)

  2. wow it's fantastic!! :D
    and it doesn't matter that you haven't got any wax to cover your brows.. they're nearly not seen in the pix :D first I didn't see them at all xD only when I read that you didn't cover them with wax.. :)

  3. fantastic look! jeffree star's make-up skills are amazing

  4. WOW! It's soooo cool! Great for a party! Really love it.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, as always
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  5. I looove the makeup in this video. I think you did a good job :)

  6. Omg, awesome job! I love Jeffree Star, he always looks amazing! You look really good in pinks too

  7. I love that you break down each product you use. Very helpful! <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  8. Ohh so nice of you. They're all so pretty!

    Thank you so much for your nice comment, always so kind of you.
    Keep following
    Love, johanna

  9. liloo: Thank you :)

    Siz: Thanks! :D I don't think I'd go out looking like this though, the real eyebrows are too noticeable.. But the kohl was surprisingly good product for covering them :) Someday I'll buy wax though, so I can do real drag queen looks!! Hahah :D

    elfpixie: Thank you! You're right, his make up skills are amazing.. I've many times tried to recreate his gorgeous dark eye make up looks but ended up looking like someone has punched me in the eye. Not good. :')

    Johanna: Thank you! I really like this look, but because of my real eyebrows itsn't not perfect so I wouldn't really wear it anywhere.. I think I could create a wearable look like this too, maybe leave the eyebrows natural or something..

    Clare: Thank you! That was my reaction when I saw the Beauty Killer video... "WOW! ♥" :D

    RaeRae: Thank you! I really love the make up in this video too :)

    Robyn: Thanks! You're right, he always looks amazing! I wish I had as good make up skills as he has :D

    Dyanna Pure: I'm glad to hear you find that helpful! :)

    Johanna: Yeah they are so pretty :) I wish I had money to buy them all..


  10. Ohh that lace thing that I can't tell what it is it's so cute, I agree.
    Thank you sooo much for your comment
    You're so nice
    Love, johanna

  11. You doing a great job! Such creative make-up!!

  12. You are so creative and original, u know I saw that a couple of make up gurus on Youtube use paper glue to cover their eyebrows it works and u can just wash the glue with water at the end, but I think you did good

  13. Thats such a cool song and fantastic make up. Its so creative and it must take talent to get it to look like that. Its so great that you used the inspiration from the song to get it like that.

  14. true such wax would be nice :)
    but I have absolutely no clue if it's expensive XD I somehow think it is ^^
    on the otherhand... perhaps ^^ I find me those eyebrow things I was talking bout ^^ ... and I know I'd buy them if I see them ^^ coz then I could shave my brows off and have nice drawn ones :D
    drawn brows look so much better I think :D

  15. Awesome makeup project as usual! You really are very talented!

  16. Thank you sooo much =)
    ♥, Johanna

  17. Ohh thank you so much =) I'll take some photos for you too see.

    Love, johanna

  18. Johanna: It's very cute! I'd love to to have such a thing to attach to some of my dresses or shirts. :)

    Anastacia: Thank you!

    Amandita: Thank you :) But as you know, I was just copying Jeffree Star's make up.. So I'm not so creative and original ;) Paper glue??? Wow, thanks for the tip! I'm definitely going to try that :) Glue to eyebrows is just so scary, makes me worried that I might lose my eyebrows when I take the glue off.. lol!

    Imogen: I love the song and Jeffree's make up! He's very talented with make up :) I'm still learning... Looking for inspiration from others and practising, trying to become better with make up..

    Siz: Actually I've once looked for the wax, and it wasn't so expensive.. I think they sell it in Punanaamio which is a shop in Tampere (though I'm not exactly sure if they sell it there, lol) and it was only few euros.. I'm going to google that tomorrow when I have time.. :D
    You're right! If you shaved off your eyebrows, you don't need wax or anything :)) Drawn brows are so beautiful!! If they're well drawn :'D

    Glowing Doll: Thank you!! I want to be talented... So I'm practising a lot!

    Johanna: You're welcome :)) Looking forward to see the photos!


  19. well you did a good job with that pink brow so you'd be able to do nice brows if you would shave them off ^^ I'm sure you'd do them well every day :)
    I can't remember to have seen any wax except that hair wax or anti hair wax in stores xDD (well never looked for such)

    @Amandita paper glue? xD I think I know what you mean... but I'm not sure if it's healthy .. ;)

  20. girl I think u are unique anyways =)

  21. Siz: Thank you! But I don't think I could do them everyday so well.. :o I imagine, I wake up late and have to hurry to go to school or somewhere... Surely would happen that I'd have to leave without eyebrows or only with one drawn eyebrow XD I'm not ready to shave my brows off yet... :s
    I've looked for it once and I've seen some products in Punanaamio.. They sell all kind of costumes, make up, wigs, face paints etc. :D

    Actually just after Amandita wrote about covering eyebrows with paper glue, I saw this tutorial on this finnish guy's make up blog: My makeup, my rules.
    It really seems to work! :)

    Amandita: Thank youu!! :)

  22. haha xD well I'm sure you wouldn't leave with only one brow drawn ;)
    I once had shaved my brows... and somehow I'd like to shave them again xD but I couldn't do nice brows anymore .... ^^
    well :) then you should look but if that glue thing works (though I think it's not quite healthy) then ^^ you wouldn't have to buy the wax ^^

  23. Siz: You're right, I wouldn't XD But I'd be always late!
    Why couldn't you do nice brows anymore? If you did nice brows then, why not anymore? :D Hopefully you find those eyebrow things we talked about so you could draw nice eyebrows :))
    I guess it's healthy enouugh :D I'm not going to die if I put glue to my eyebrows.. I went to check out paper glue but I don't knwo if it's waterproof O_o So I don't want to put it on yet XD I have to try it on my hands or somehow if it can be washed with water.. lol

  24. well I didn't do it for a long long long time xD (uhm 4 years?) and I don't know I didn't to that good brows when I had drawn ones.. xD but they were thing only a really really thin line ^^ I so love thin brows xD

    I'm sure you find out ^^ usually it says on the package if that thing is whaterproof or not... :) I was looking at that blog of this guy and I guess I'd try it too :)
    as you've said we won't die ^^
    and except for that we don't use it every day ^^

  25. Wow! I'm speechless here. It's very creative, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of heads turning around on the streets, but I think you did a great job. Love your creativity <3

  26. Siz: I'm sure you'd still be able to do thin lines :D But of course it's better if you find those eyebrow drawing thins we talked about.. Then you'd manage to draw perfect brows everyday :)
    In our glue it doesn't say it O_o I have to find another glue.. lol!
    That guy made a very good tutorial :) I was so surprised to find his blog, a make up blog by a finnish guy! :D

    Tinja: Aww thanks! ♥ I didn't go out wearing this make up.. I could have but I didn't want to because couldn't cover the eyebrows perfectly.. :D

  27. Seriously awesome!! You're making me want to play with makeup!! Which I haven't done!

  28. strange that your glue doesn't say if it's waterproof or not O_O
    xD you could use exactly the same glue if you go and buy one ^^ I mean ^^ it's easier for u to work with the brands a finnish guy uses ;D
    I love his blog^^ I already follow since you put in a link to him :)
    and he does pretty make-up styles :D

  29. Sweet! I love his makeup and you did a great job replicating it. Did it feel weird to cover up your eyebrows and make them higher?

  30. @Julissa: Thank you!! I LOVE playing with make up!

    @Siz: Yeah his blog is great, love the make up looks he has done! Heh I don't need any glue for covering my eyebrows ... I shaved them off!!

    @BLIX: Thank you! It didn't feel weird.. I love high eyebrows! I've just shaved off my own eyebrows so I can easily draw them higher.


  31. Oh, sweetie, don't blame the camera. Maybe you're just bad at putting makeup on the way J. Star does. Looks like you used cheap makeup and you don't know how to shape your eyebrows right. Looks like shit. I'm sorry, but it does. Before you put on makeup, put it on the internet, and say it's the way Jeffree does, at least practice and put on good quality makeup. Ok? :) Bye!

  32. Ah rakastan niin tätä anonyymiä. :----D

  33. Ah rakastan niin tätä anonyymiä. :----D

  34. @Anonymous: Ohh thanks for the opinion!

    @Mutsu: Joo niin määkin :D:D Kiva saada vähä erilaista kommenttiaki välillä! Toikin jaksanu vaivautua kommentoimaan moniin mun postauksiin<3

  35. idk how i got to this page but giiirl you are beautiful! i loove your style x


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